About 40 Percent of iPhone Users Willing to Buy Apple Watch: Reuters Poll

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About 40 Percent of iPhone Users Willing to Buy Apple Watch: Reuters Poll

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Apple devoted a huge amount of time and thought to bring out a smartwatch that can outshine all other gadgets in the wearables category. The Apple Watch is a distinctive piece and sports many features like digital crown and Force Touch that are not found in any other smartwatch. But is it really getting the traction expected by the company? International news agency, Reuters, did a survey to find out the demand for the Watch and discovered that around 40 percent of the American iPhone users are interested in buying the Apple Watch.

The poll includes adult iPhone owners of the US of age 18 years and above. The primary reason to consider iPhone users in the first place was that Apple Watch requires iPhone for most of its functions. So, iPhone users automatically come into the picture to be the initial buyers of the product.

File picture shows the new Apple Watch during an Apple event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino

The Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted a survey between March 9 and March 17 in which a total of 2,469 American adults of 18 years and above took part. It was found that 24 percent of the participants showed interest in Apple Watch, out of which 10 percent described themselves as very interested. Another survey of 788 iPhone users across the globe by the same firm speaks of 39 percent interested buyers, out of which 17 percent are ‘very interested’ in the product.

These numbers from the survey might not look uplifting at this moment for Apple, but considering the 100 million active users of iPhone in the US, and nearly half a billion in the whole world, the resultant buyers may turn out to be a huge number. According to Reuters, Analyst Walter Piecyk of BTIG marketing firm considers the survey inspiring, “The survey was “pretty encouraging” for a product that has not been seen in shops, even if it was unclear how much of the interest would translate into purchases.”

It is yet uncertain how many interested buyers will convert into purchasers, as the price of the smartwatch is the major roadblock. Its price ranges from $350 for a regular edition to $17000 for the 18-karat gold edition, which makes it the most expensive smartwatch yet.

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