YouTube Gets Ready To Bring 4K Videos Running at 60 FPS

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YouTube Gets Ready To Bring 4K Videos Running at 60 FPS

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A few months back, YouTube introduced the 60FPS video playback. Now YouTube has taken a step further by introducing 60FPS video on YouTube, at 4K. The video baron has started to experiment with videos that run smoothly and are ultra high-def.

First spotted by TechCrunch, a low-key secret playlist of only 6 videos has been put out by YouTube which can be played at 60FPS in 4K resolution. For the videos to work in full resolution, the devices playing them must be capable of displaying ultra HD resolution. In addition to sharper video, the movement appears far smoother in comparison to common frame rates of 24fps and 30fps.


At present, there are many 4K displays in the market but there isn’t enough content out there to do justice to these high definition displays. The internet connectivity is also an issue in a country like India which is known for its dismal speeds. But it would still be encouraging for people who has invested heavy sums of money in 4K televisionsto know that the most prominent streaming service now has content that makes full use of the high-def displays’ capabilities.

Here is the series of 4K videos that are available on YouTube.

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