Microsoft Reveals the Much-Anticipated Windows 10 Pricing

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Microsoft Reveals the Much-Anticipated Windows 10 Pricing

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It’s official. After much speculation and anticipation, the prices of the new and improved Windows 10 has been revealed, as of yesterday. While we all knew that the Windows upgrade was going to be free, the pricing for people who did not have the OS or the licensed version of it, was unclear.

[pullquote_left] The upgrade from a Windows 10 Home pack to a Pro Pack will just cost $99 [/pullquote_left]

However, Microsoft, through Neowin, finally announced the prices and the date of release. The cost of Windows 10 Home will be $109 while Windows Pro will cost $199. Incidentally, there was been no hike in price since the Windows 8.1 version came out, which is a pleasant surprise. The upgrade from a Windows 10 Home pack to a Pro Pack will just cost $99. The system will be ready for upgrade on the 29th of July.

While there was a lot of speculation over the weekend with Newegg reporting a price leak, it has been confirmed that the prices put up by the website, initially, were incorrect.


Now that we know the price and date, It is important to know a few more things about the Windows 10 upgrade:

  • The upgrade is available for free, for a year, after which all Windows 7 and 8.1 users, will have to purchase the upgrade. So do avail of this offer, soon.
  • You can either download the OS on your Windows 7 and 8.1 versions or buy the new PC.
  • All updates and fixes will come at no additional cost once you’ve downloaded it.
  • They have a ‘reservation link option’ which means you can preload the software and it will install, as soon as it’s ready.
  • All non-genuine Windows users will not get a free upgrade and people using Windows OEM (Other Equipment Manufacturers) will be offered attractive discounts, as per the company’s statement.

With the revelation of prices, the Redmond-based beast hopes to secure its fortunes in what can be the largest sales of PCs and upgrades that will be witnessed. As per Neowin, the company expects users to avail of the free upgrade that is available for one year and hence is targeting 1 billion installs of Windows 10, in the next 2-3 years. While the task seems daunting at the moment, it’s definitely not an impossible feat.

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  • Vinay Vishwakarma

    both of you please spend some time reading the entire article –
    “The upgrade is available for free, for a year, after which “ALL” Windows 7 and 8.1 users, will have to purchase the upgrade.

  • Ankit Pandey

    It’s forever free. Dumb

  • Roshan Shanbhag

    It’s free for people who are using genuine version only if they upgrade within 1st year. Else they will have to purchase. And the prices announced are for people using unlicensed version or some other OS.

  • What I’ve to do for the Windows10 upgrade  notification ?

  • Bijoy Kumar Íì

    Ohh Tia

  • RahulKomuravelly

    its not free for one year its free for lifetime but you have only one year to get the offer i.e. you can download windows 10 for free until july 29th 2016.

  • Geetika Mishra
  • Nilesh Sharma

    i also got the notification of free upgrade to windows 10 … do i reserve ???

  • Santosh Dora

    I request you, pls lauch your andriod application.

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    Wow UR web site look much more beatifull….can u tell me who is ur web designer

  • Sulmen Khaliq

    Websit name reply?

  • Vinay Vishwakarma

    Its just free for a year :P

  • Rishabh Raghunath

    Its free right ?

  • Setu Saxena

    Niraj Kumar
    Happy TS Day :D ;)

  • Mayank Kaushik

    Tathagata Chakraborty

  • Arjun Singh

    got the reservation…free to me ….

  • Mohit Chind

    Mine is free U0001f44dU0001f3fc

  • Aravind Ashok

    i thought windows 10 was free :-P