Here’s How You Can Get Started With Home Automation

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Here’s How You Can Get Started With Home Automation

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Home Automation is the next thing after smartphones and tablets that everyone is talking about. And why not? smart is the flavour of the season. Smart Homes tend to make life easier. It senses your presence and acts accordingly. From checking security, opening gates, switching lights to controlling room temperature, everything today can be done by the touch of a button. It’s sensible and won’t cost you a bomb.

You can opt for single room automation, multi-room automation, and automation of your kitchen, bathroom, curtains or anything that can be connected. We are giving you some tips to automate your home wirelessly so that you don’t have to spend on fixing the already built structure.

Invest in an Efficient Router

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A smart router is the core of a smart home. Buy a powerful router of ASUS, Netgear, Cisco or TP-Link, so that the installed smart devices work efficiently. The router should have high signal strength across your premises for device interactions to remain seamless; otherwise several problems may crop up. A superior router will send the command instantly as soon as it is made, like turning down the brightness, switching off the light and so on. A dual-band router will cost you below Rs. 20,000.

Pick a Hard drive of Enough Capacity


An external portable hard drive is essential for a smart home. Get hold of a hard drive and store all your audio and video files on it. Connect it to the router and you’ll be able to share it with devices with the click of a button. Your choice of music will play in the selected rooms.

Safety Comes First

home automation 1Once you have decided on what router to use and picked the hard drive, security is the first thing one should focus on. Go for a door camera and biometric lock. A door camera will inform you of the approaching person, and the biometric lock would enable you to not carry around a pair of keys.  Eureka Forbes offers its security system for as low as Rs. 20,000 and a biometric lock would cost approximately Rs. 12,000. Video surveillance allows you to keep an eye on a wider area and the automated alerts keep you in touch with the home ensuring better safety.

Lightning Control


With smart lights installed, customers can sit back and turn them off even when they are not at home. Sensor control lights and its prices range from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 7,000. On the other hand, timers and switching units are a bit cheaper at Rs. 2,500.

Control the Temperature of Your House

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Today, most of the consumer electronic companies have switched to a smart AC module. There are apps existing on App Store through which a user can control the temperature of individual rooms through the mobile device from anywhere.

Other than that, one can control the temperature and filters of outdoor pools & spas. Energy can be saved by automated curtains and blinds, which can be closed and opened through a button, on your smart device.

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