iGyaan Turns 5 : But Who is Counting Anyway

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iGyaan Turns 5 : But Who is Counting Anyway

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On the 7th of June 2015, iGyaan turned five years old. But what also reached five years, is our love for technology. We have constantly strived to serve a purpose in the online space. With our visual introductions and our fun cues, we have often set the ball rolling. The last few years have taught us a lot, about the internet, about technology, about people and hostility and most importantly about survival.

However, we stand here at five, young and proud, stronger than ever and even more resilient than when we started. How do we do it? We don’t know. But, with the amount of love and support we get from you;


Happy Birthday to iGyaan and to each and everyone of our readers. See you for another five.

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About The Author
Bharat Nagpal
Founder and Chief Editor of iGyaan. Bharat likes to keep on top of technology ! Follow Him on Google Plus : Google+
  • Harish Hari

    Keep it up.. Many more years to come…

  • DevanshuSaraf

    Happy birthday to my fav channel. lov u bharat sir.

  • Atharv Yaduvanshi

    Hey which is the first vdo you have done??

  • Vishal Goodwin

    ha magar tum mujhe support nhi kar te ise liye job nhi de rhe ho mujhe

  • Sarvesh Vashisht

    On my birthday o.0

  • Prasant Bhowmick

    Varat u r hair style is awesome and u r review is interesting keep it up. U0001f60a

  • Venkat Mithun

    That’s my birthday too

  • Likhith Ramesh
  • Ankit Kumar

    Belated Happy Birthday Igyaan….. May the force be with you…. U0001f609U0001f609U0001f609U0001f609

  • ?????? ?’?????

    belated happy birthday :D :D thnku for post n updates :*

  • Veer Raj

    Keep it up

  • Ashwin Bharadwaj

    :) thank u

  • MirXa Shahid

    I want to win this iphone 6..

  • balajimsubramani

    Congrats Bharat Nagpal and Team :-) You guys doing great job…. Great Going

  • Vishal Juneja

    And we loved you all the way through! :)

  • Sasi Kumar


  • Jagdeesh Pri

    We expect more from you, and very well wish you

  • Kunal Kandalgaonkar

    Belated happy birthday #iGyaan

  • ajay2kumar06

    Congratulations…. Bharat and team. Its my routine now, in office first website i open is

  • VaibhavSharma

    i have been following your blog since its kindergarten stage and you guys have been the first ones i look up to whenever a new phone or a cool gadget hits the market. i have seen igyaan evolve. And you too bharat! keep up the good work. u guys will always be my favorites.

  • Gadgets Twentyfour X Seven

    Congratulations!!!!! Love you work!!!!

  • Bharat Patnam

    Congrats Bharat Nagpal and team :)

  • Sakshi Uberoi Sareen

    Older and wiser ! Happie birthday Bharat Nagpal ! May you grow even awesome-er this year !

  • anchitkharbanda

    A very Happy B’day igyaan. This could not be possible without you Bharat. Hats off !!!!!

  • Neilotpal Chakrabarty

    That cake though

  • Anikét Singh


  • Nidheesh Manikandan

    i turned 19 on june 7

  • Agesh Raghunath

    go on. you are doing great.U0001f44d

  • Jhamez Sy

    Congratulations! Ever since I came to own my very first smartphone. Igyaan’s has always been my video hub for Youtube Phone Unboxings/Reviews. More years to come to you guys =)

  • Vipin Mohan

    your website became a mess and the paid reviews shows your greediness.

  • Uddesh Dhawale

    Happy bday igyaan

  • Pravin Nirmal

    Congrats!! Lot more to go!!

  • Aneel Kumar

    Cool stuff from you,i never got bored.

  • Siddiqui Khurshid

    Congrats igyaan

  • Abhinab Parija

    The best ever review site ^_^

  • PraveenKantli

    iGyaan very happy birthday

  • ManishKataria

    Congratulations 7 Best Wishes nagpal Sb.

  • gopalakrishnan5

    iGyaan U0001f386U0001f386U0001f386U0001f389U0001f389U0001f389U0001f382U0001f382U0001f382

  • Amit Das

    the first igyaan video i watched was the review of micromax mtv psych back in 2011 I guess. :)

  • Gautam Bist

    Google account is not appearing there because is YU yureka

  • Farhan Mohd

    use your google account?

  • Gautam Bist

    Today I change my lock screen pin code password on YU Yureka . But unfortunately when I am typing the password device shows that it is wrong password…
    So what should I do to unlock my device.
    Without hard reset

  • Rohan Adsur

    589,808+ Members are supporting iGyaan! Go ahead! We are with you!

  • Prasant Bhowmick

    Happy anniversary

  • Bapan Archangel Saha

    happy anniversary

  • Manjit Sarma

    wow! wish u all d best!