Report : It’s Time India Should Get High Speed Unlimited Data Plans

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Report : It’s Time India Should Get High Speed Unlimited Data Plans

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India has been stuck in the internet revolution for many a years. And while the country is progressing at a rapid speed, infrastructure is not growing fast enough. With new businesses sprouting each day, the need for a connected economy has increased considerably.


India’s Massive Market

India is one of the largest consumers of mobile phones in the world. Enough so, that many manufacturers have put India in the first list of launch countries. According to the TRAI Performance Indicator Report, India has 414.18 million wireless GSM connected users as of March 2015. But this is just in the rural sector, the all India number is at 705.21 928 Million according to the COAI report of May 2015 and Others report of Dec 2014. This number also receives staggering growth of 2.5% month on month in the Rural sector and a growth of 0.90% month on month nationwide.

What appears to be a small growth percentage, 2.5% growth means that the industry is adding approximately 10.2 million rural subscribers a month at the current trend. This additional user base earns the industry approximately Rs. 1200 crore each quarter. This large number is only a dip in an industry that moved around Rs. 26781 crore in revenue in Q4 2014.

The large revenue for the telecom operators is driven largely by the large number of users and large user base additions each month. But how much has the industry progressed since the begining of the internet age.

Data Traffic Growth

[pullquote_left] By the End of 2014 the World was Consuming 3000 PetaBytes of Data [/pullquote_left]

Global consumption of mobile data is through the roof. By Q4 2010 the world was only getting acquainted to mobile data and consumption of data on a portable phone was at 400 PetaBytes (mobile data traffic Up+Down). However, by the end of 2014 the world was consuming 3000 PetaBytes of Data. The industry estimates that the growth with continue by 60-70% each month.

Global Launch Trends

HSPA 42 Mbps networks have been commercially launched in 86 countries, while LTE networks have been commercially launched in 112 countries. So far, 40 LTE TDD networks have been made commercially available in 27 countries, with 27 operators launching LTE services using only the TDD mode, and 13 deploying both TDD and FDD modes together. 6 In a mixed LTE FDD/TDD network, the use of FDD for the uplink can improve the effective coverage area of the TDD band, and can also make TDD more efficient on the downlink.

On the other side mobile operators in 75 countries have now launched HD voice commercially. VoLTE or “voice on LTE” provides users with telecom-grade HD voice, video calling and other new, richer communication services on LTE smartphones.

State of Indian Networks

Despite all the launches mentioned above, India remains as a part of none of them. While India contributes to a large percentage of global mobile data usage, it all somehow comes from poor data connections.

Mobile Traffic vs PC Traffic

It is estimated that if connection quality and speeds were to improve in India, the present data consumption would increase by 400%. A number that the industry should play close attention to. Over 60% of the data consumption in India was mobile data by the end of 2014.

Mobile Data Drivers

Out of the total mobile data consumed in India, 45% comes from video playback from websites like YouTube. A large chunk of music streaming services are also responsible for driving mobile data in the country.

Mobile data usage trend

Mobile Data Usage

[pullquote_left]55% of mobile data will be consumed for Video services[/pullquote_left]

Globally, YouTube is responsible for consumption of 40-60% of mobile data, a number which is relatively lower at 17% in India due to mobile data connectivity and speed limitations.

It is estimated that by the year 2020, 55% of mobile data will be consumed for Video services. Reaching this percentage will be possible by the implementation of 5G mobile data globally. 5G services are being tested in over 8 countries as we read this, while implementation for global markets is kept at 2019. India (and some other markets) are not a part of this implementation list.

Mobile Data consumption

India is about 5 years behind the 4G rollout targets (Dec 2010) and 2 years behind LTE 2.0. HD Voice and Video are not being talked about by the Indian industry leaders, despite the fact that India is one of the largest contributors to the overall revenue for the mobile industry.

Data and Future

India needs fast internet access, as a developing nation, its metropolitan cities need to be connected to the world. With a boom in startup culture and high paying jobs with international markets, most suffer due to lack of internet access. Video consumption and video calling with services like Skype, Google Hangouts and even FaceTime are at an all time high and consumers end up paying large sums of money just to say connected.

[pullquote_right]FUP has slowed down growth[/pullquote_right]

The biggest limiting factor in the whole telecom industry is the limited usage policies implemented by the companies. The limited usage policy or fair usage policy (FUP) was first implemented by Airtel and Tata Teleservices to prevent users for exploiting their internet connection speeds and downloading illegal materials from the internet.

The FUP has since not been removed and with no pressure from TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) this antiquated method continues to haunt each user.

Airtel is one of the biggest users of this aged method of policing the usage of high speed data and is also one who exploits its use the most to benefit in the long run. Airtel has annoying auto redirects (Smart Bytes) that transfer you to a buy page insisting that you buy additional data packs to continue on the fast speed. These packs are usually 4-5 times the cost of the bundled data and tend to really hurt consumers financially.

The world is getting connected, using a highway of data which is not only fast but also super efficient and budget friendly.

Unlimited data is one of the perks of a liberated growing economy. The current government showed success by choosing the internet as a means of communications with its potential voters.  There are claims from our telecom ministers claiming that “India plays a crucial role in the future of the internet.

However, we are no where near that future. Most operators globally offer the ability to choose a plan that suits the customers needs. The United States and countries like United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Canada and many others are not familiar with the term FUP. In fact, any form of throttling is against the law in many of these countries.  Terming the so called limiting plans as “marketing gimmicks” countries have ensured that the consumer gets what he pays for, no more and especially no less.

Google Fibre Deployment Map

Google Fibre Deployment Map

Then there are packages from the likes of Google Fibre limited in reach and availability, Google has made possible speeds of upto 1000 Mbps for as little as US $ 70/month (chump change compared to what iGyaan spends for Internet) available at residences across the United States. They also offer a “Basic Plan” which is at 5 Mbps downloads and 1 Mbps uploads (unlimited) for a price of US $0 if you pay the installation fee. Free Internet! If that does not help the startup economy, then what else will?

 Something needs to change

India and Indians deserve the ability to get unlimited internet, the users seem to be paying for it, but nobody seems to be getting it. Riddled by hidden corporate talk and contracts that fool the customers into believing that they are getting the best possible deal. Everybody has the right to stay connected, and a fast internet connection is more like a lifeline today.

Many sectors in the country do offer high speed data connections for a higher price. However, these too are controlled by limits, and speed drops are often too high. A 100 Mbps connection from Airtel Fibrenet drops to a mere 512 Kbps post a 100GB download. A simple math calculation will tell you that it takes just 2 Hours, 23 Minutes and 9.93 Seconds to download 100 GB on such a connection. Post the download you either have to pay heavy sums of money to get data packs or live with a devastatingly slow 512 Kbps which would take 19 Days, 10 Hours, 2 Minutes and 1.6 Seconds to download the same 100 GB. Airtel charges INR 5,999 + tax for this plan , making it well over US $100. Now compare this to Google’s 1000 Mbps line with no limits whatsoever, which costs US $ 70 /month.

Something needs to change and fast! Sign our petition below and be part of the voice of change. #StopFUP #EndFUP


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  • kschanay

    I completely disagree with you. We pay rent and installation charges for every connection.. And that amount is no less .. There are millions of customers paying every month .. It’s ISPs duty to cut the expences not ours. They should stop wasting money on high budget advertising. Which eventually is taken from customers pocket.. Who downloads what that is not your concern. Orthodox ppl like you are responsible for this position of India today where everyone is forced to do what few idiots want.

  • anonymous22545

    Why people are asking for free internet ??? Companies have already made more higher money than they have invested for infrastructure and all…. then they should provide free calls…. that would be valid…

  • swap002

    Coming from a reputed tech publication, this is just ridiculous. Are you seriously serious? Why are you misleading people? How many people use the 100% or exceed the bundled data? Are you sure Western countries don’t know about FUP? What they do know is Overage. Let’s consider US. The T-Mobile, although has unlimited data plans, you get high speeds only until you use up bundled data. So, if you get 2GB plan, you get 4G speeds only for initial 2GBs. Afterwards you will continue to get unlimited data but they do reduce your speed. In some cases they reduce you to mere 2G speeds.Even for truly unlimited high-speed plans, T-Mo de-prioritize your usage once exceed 23GBs. Please read T&C here: even de-prioritize your data depending your data usage. Please go through this page once:
    On some billing plan, AT&T has overages. Extra data costs as low as $20/300MB or $15/1GB, depending on yhr plan. Every operator has similar policies in place to avoid explotiation of data usage and give equal experience to other users. It is not just about the data but other resources as well that handle the transfer of data.It’s more or less same for all the carriers in the States.

  • alphonsepaeran

    I saw one of the comments in the petition that internet is a fundamental right and access to that should be made free. Only a stupid will make such a baseless statement. The ISPs Airtel, Tata, etc., have spent lakhs of crores in setting up the infrastructure and they are not charity to give away internet connection for free. It is good to ask for lowering the costs, but asking it for free is douchy.

    It is ignorance to ask for the removal of FUP. In fact only self centered people would demand that. As we all know that so many people use torrents in India to download movies in 100s of GBs per month. Using internet like this is not your fundamental right or what you can demand. In fact, it is illegal. So, stop being retards and ask for what you actually shall.

    Grow up, bunch of idiots!

  • PunyaPrusty

    AkashS I can understand your pain i had used the same up until march this year

  • PunyaPrusty

    bro Bsnl EVDO may work in your particular area but every where else speeds barely reach 100 to 200 kbps. Plus we want Truly unlimited broadband by definition of world standards which is 4 mbps at minimum

  • PunyaPrusty

    but we can still try

  • AnkurPandey

    I <3 Vodafone 3G!! 7 days and 100GB+ Download at consistent 1-2.5 MBPs speeds!
    PS: I’m not paying even a single penny for that! And i’m on Windows 10 RTM!

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  • Siddhant Desai

    And I saw an airtel ad on ur website :3 about a broadband connection at zero cost U0001f602

  • Mehedi

    Gp, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel ????? ?? ???? ???? ????? ???? GpfreeBD.CoM ????? ????? ????? ???? ???? ?? Software & Game ???? ????? ???? GpfreeBD.CoM

  • Sandip Barot

    I m with u.

  • Moinak Ghosh

    2500 people have already signed the petition… I have done a bit myself. I have forgotten mentioning the name of your website in my page whle sharing the link. Hope that is not going to be much of a problem. Kudos for your effort man Bharat….

  • Anmol Vyas

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    Hey Friends Here Very Good News Get Unlimited 3G Net Pack Every Month For 7 Months Free In Just 5 Minuts. (y) (y) Thanks To

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    there already are plans for broadband without FUP

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  • JasMehar WaLia

    Kulbir Singh Thukral

  • Sujay Puvvadi

    Good xD

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  • TheGeekyMan

    iGyaan Gr8 initiative. …keep up the good work….we will keep supporting

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    True Unlimited? Try BSNL EVDO!

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  • Rohan Adsur
  • Goutham Msdian

    only for mobile ?? . not for broadband connection ?


    FUP is real nonsense and it is all money making game by cheating customers in the name of unlimited data

  • AkashS

    I’m paying Rs. 995 per month for 10 GB of data (30 KB/sec to 200 KB/sec) + unlimited at 8 KB/sec and after some time it goes down to 200 bytes/sec.
    I am TATA Photon GSM user, they call it fair and never did anything to improve the service and always give excuses, they’re useless.

  • Bhavya Joshi

    Signed.. But nothing is going to happen this Beggars are increasing prices of data packs without ny shame n i really don’t kw wat happened with that “Net Neutrality” scenario..U0001f615U0001f615

  • Kumars Kumars

    Looter can never be altruist.
    Thank you.

  • RaviSawalia

    i think we are talking about mobile data and not the fibre connection

  • Arun Golla

    Last time we had to email them. This is a petition on Nothing’s exposed unless you want it to be.

  • Akash Paul Lakra

    lol true

  • Shashank Chaudhary

    I guess not in delhi

  • Devang Chhabria

    Shashank Chaudhary check the link in the comments above

  • Shashank Chaudhary


  • Akshay Tabhane

    those people not affect by this petition but still i signed

  • Manav Arora


  • Manish Kataria

    Last time we signed a petition against TRAI and our email id’s were made public. Now we are pestered with marketing emails daily.

  • Rahul Shah


  • ParamveerSingh

    I am on Airtel 16 Mbps UL plan for RS 1600. Its pretty good.

  • Himanshu Shahi

    Crappy plans and crappier ISPs

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    Pradan Mantri Jan Data Yojana?

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    499 plan is for 4mbps.. Still pretty cheap.. Wish we had this isp in jabalpur..

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    iam not asking 100Mbps i want 10Mbps connnectoin

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    Its high time we should realise we are being fooled Vimal Ignatius Karthik Saravanan Deleep Kumar

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    DEN Boomband They are providing 100mbps in delhi but not unlimited

  • Ravianjan Garcha

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  • Rg Lodhia

    We get 50mbps ( 100 gb plus 200gb plan options ) for 2500 .-. But we get the speed as promised ACTFIBER net also provides 200mbps plan

  • Vikas Reddy

    Ha-ha. Yeah man. I find it frustrating when my strategy fails horribly due to latency on Advanced Warfare.

  • Devang Chhabria

    I pay Rs 450 and get 20 Mbps unlimited

  • Nishant Abraham

    Seriously! Develop this BJP

  • Abhishek Raj Rana

    Data plans are getting costlier, we are going backwards to say the least forget about getting forward.

  • Raghav Batra

    i pay like 2k per month and i get 512kbps -_- fair usage policy is a scam..

  • Shakti Naveen

    Read the title “High speed” :p

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  • Pulkit Goyal

    Many colonies in Delhi still do not have broadband facility, and in gurgaon only limited areas have fibre

  • sandeeproy

    Constant speeds/Guaranteed speeds would make better sense as opposed to ‘Upto’. Secondly, ‘upstream’ data speeds very low, so backing up basic Contacts & Notes to cloud based Apps takes Forever

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  • ?????? ???? ????

    Yeah we need higher Internet speed and lower power cuts.

  • Radha Lokesh

    We already have ACT FIBERNET (Beam Telecom) :D

  • Dhairyadev Arora

    I get ~23ms Ping but with 64kBps it’s totally useless. :v

  • PratUshh

    XD . . . . . the above stated speed ‘512kbps’ is just the case of metrocities “ONLY” (mostly state capitals) . . . while the rest of country is irritated to have a ?700-900 unlimited “BROADBAND” , which shows an #$%! absurd speed of “100mbps” when connected , and on it goes steep down to 1-2 mbps , which is still VERY high , when compared to actual speed of 50-100 KBPS on torrent !!!

    It took about 6-8 hrs to dwnlod a 1-2GB content … & in my case a 4GB torrent is a community project…which has to be downloaded in ‘parts’ through 4 different PCs.

    The problem of sluggish speed is so intense !! that I can even kill someone named : Mr. Speed

  • Devashish Gulati

    so what u r trying to say that they have been holding back waiting for right time… lol… really :D :D :D

  • Devashish Gulati

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