Upcoming Apple Products Likely to be Manufactured in India : Report

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Upcoming Apple Products Likely to be Manufactured in India : Report

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Yes, the back panel of your iDevice might shortly read “Assembled in India” as Foxconn, the major contract manufacturer of Apple, is planning to set up an Apple assembly plant in India. Industries Minister of Maharashtra, Subhash Desai remarked that Foxconn will come to scout for a location in India, as reported by Reuters.

The statement by Desai says, “Foxconn is sending a delegation of their officers to scout for locations in a month’s time.” The relocation of Apple assembly store from China to India will first of all aid Foxconn in cutting down the accelerated wage cost, and the lower production cost will help catch up with the mounting demand, which the Cupertino-based firm was failing to match with its supply shortage. The increased production will make the revenue numbers jump, hence, giving a stiff competition to India’s leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung and Micromax.

The camera on the iPhone 6 Plus offers amazing shooting features like Time-lapse and slow motion capture.

The world’s biggest Taiwanese electronics producer is said to build up 10-12 facilities in India by 2020, which includes data centres and factories. No confirmation has come from either Foxconn or Apple on the same, and an official statement would be required to authenticate the report.

It’s not the first time Foxconn will operate from India. The tech firm was earlier functioning in India, manufacturing Nokia phones, but as soon as Nokia’s mobile division was acquired by Microsoft last year, Foxconn had to shut shop in India. The return of Foxconn will boost smartphone manufacturing in the country, making it an electronics hub. Simultaneously, it will give a major push to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign of bringing multinational companies to produce goods and services locally in India.


Along with Apple, Foxconn is under contract with Acer, Sony and Xiaomi to manufacture devices for them. If Foxconn comes to India, other brands assembled by the manufacturing company are likely to go cheap as the transportation charges and service tax will be eliminated.

The institution of the Foxconn manufacturing plant in India will establish our country as the biggest producer of technology products, and can also be a threat to Samsung in the high-end product segment, in the future.

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  • AkashS

    First let it happen and if it does than yes, the price will be little bit lower than the current one. But never expect iPhone 6 Plus to be coming for just Rs. 30,000. :v

  • AkashS

    Yeah, it will be! However, the cost will be little cheaper than its current price. As some of components will be still need to be imported from China or other countries.

  • AkashS

    Bechare Pakistanis.. So sad… you’re barking because it will not going to be ever manufactured in your Terroristan.. Heheheh! Cry.. you should cry.. :P

  • AkashS

    Bechare Pakistanis.. So sad… you’re barking because it will not going to be ever manufactured in your Terroristan.. Heheheh! Cry.. you should cry.. :P

  • AkashS

    Pakistanis obviously don’t want this.

  • AkashS

    Almost same bro! It will be only assembled in India.

  • AkashS

    And you’re stupid that you couldn’t even think that the quality will remain same.

  • AkashS

    Why? Do you know that it will be only assembled in India and another thing is that, Foxconn will not let anyone downgrade their quality in manufacturing smartphone.

  • AkashS

    The price will be just like purchasing iPhone in USA, but obviously little bit more because most of the components will be need to be imported, unlike USA & China where most of the components are already available.

  • AkashS

    Why it is not going to be good decision?

  • AkashS


  • AkashS

    This will surely lower the price of iPhone in India. :D

    However, some peoples still don’t like this because they are from other country and will feel bad to see Indians enjoying iPhone at lower cost and being iPhone assembled in India or they already owns iPhone and will don’t feel good to see those owning iPhone who couldn’t afford it when they were having it. :P

    Overall, its great news for Indians. Friends, don’t feel bad for it because if it come true than we’ll be having little cheaper (don’t expect huge downfall in the price, it may come in price like for how much one could get iPhone in USA).

    By the way, I’ll stick to Android rather than buying iPhone because one thing- I don’t like iPhone and the second thing- I never tried iPhone. :P

  • Avni Kant

    That would be great then!

  • Sachit Anand

    bad news

  • Spandan Sen Gupta

    Oh wow??????

  • Chaudhary Abhayendra Singh

    i seriously thinks it not gonna be that good….decision …

  • Sanam Deep

    Nope then their will be no shipping charges
    So that price will get low

  • Sanam Deep

    Then price on apple products will be low in India

  • Jai Aravind J

    Now all learn ECE :P

  • Sajal Tdkr Shekhar

    No the price will have a huge cut

  • Arun V Bajee

    Give me under 10k u wer worth of it.

  • Mistr Sandeep

    Good news

  • Faheem Shunda

    and i’m not from pak

  • Faheem Shunda

    you will rape apple :D

  • Saurabh Sharma

    yeah, they should manufacture in your country instead. :-D

  • Prathmesh Godse

    does it mean the prices will go down?

  • Ishan Ahmed Khan

    Quality will degrade ###

  • Namon Deep Jain


  • Karan Dhingra

    Namon Deep Jain

  • Jiten Bhatt

    Yeah…this will reduce the price off apple products…

  • Gurjot Singh

    yeah At least we will get it at a lower price and also it will and it will also good for Indian economy

  • Santhosh Kumar

    Lol fail porkistani we get apple while you get a blast

  • Aswin Ajay

    So theres going to be fair pricing all right

  • Kundan Patil

    It’ll b manufactured in Maharashtra…..:-D

  • Chaudhary Abhayendra Singh

    apple products manufacturing in india -will be the worst decision by apple then…

  • Avneesh Sethi

    What? Indian parts will be at least better than their Chinese counterparts.

  • Syed Zainul Abedin

    Noooo…please dont do that..ever

  • Vivek Khandai

    Apple hate or love

  • Faheem Shunda

    soon apple might End then

  • Ess Shaky Adeel

    OK it will last for iFour hours

  • Akash Khanna

    Still Going to be expensive…

  • Rohit Wadher

    Awesome…. :)

  • Hottengada Shreyas Appachu

    Mandir bana nhi bikhari aagaye

  • Naman Shrimali


  • Hottengada Shreyas Appachu

    Relatively yes, but how much idk… Pehle banne toh de

  • Naman Shrimali

    Hottengada Shreyas Appachu would it lower the price of apple products ?

  • Hottengada Shreyas Appachu

    Dhruv Anand

  • Jatin Singh

    hell yeahh….

  • V-boo Vaibhav

    Cheap labor

  • Abhishek Harne


  • Himanshu Nainwani

    We don’t want ‘might’ or ‘likely’ we want the actual thing to happen in india.

  • Amey Deshpande

    Abhishek Harne U0001f60dU0001f60d

  • Abhishek Shinde

    Price will stay the same?

  • Kashif Hasan

    Aizaz Yasim