Android Might be Just What BlackBerry Needs to Get Back in the Game

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Android Might be Just What BlackBerry Needs to Get Back in the Game

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BlackBerry was synonymous with BBM and had the reputation of being a reliable business phone. This  had loyalists from all over the world, tied to its device, despite all the ups and downs the company went through. However, the market soon saw a wave of smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung and Motorola, which ultimately washed away the resilient giant.

Sales dropped and profits dwindled because let’s face it, there are more options now, that overshadowed BBM and we also underwent a touch screen revolution. Thus, Blackberry has allegedly come up with a solution to get back on track. We might see them collaborating with Android in a bid to increase revenues and turn a new leaf.

Blackberry Q10 42

BlackBerry is known for its strong security system and that was something that Android was lacking. Therefore, the collaboration will benefit both these parties. Yes, this means that BlackBerry will have to vouch for not just their own platform but also for Android. However, the gain is more than the loss they might go through. Reuters reported:

“From the standpoint of marketing, this is a great way for BlackBerry to get visibility. It really doesn’t hurt them much, and the upside is high,” said Rob Enderle, who runs technology consulting firm Enderle Group.

BlackBerry has been focussing on its software and device management system as its market share dropped to less that 1% due to its low demand of the devices. In order to execute this turnaround then, the company will have to come up with a strong and efficient device, that will be able to collaborate with Android. “BlackBerry doesn’t have much to lose. There’s little downside and they just need one hit phone to justify the handset business,” said Brian Colello, Morningstar analyst.

blackberry q10

The company has said that it is ready to have a test run with Android. Its upcoming device, the BES12 will be able to secure not just BlackBerry devices, but also others that run on Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. This attribute should impress potential corporate and government clients. Ramon Llamas, an analyst with technology research firm IDC told Reuters:

“In order for BES12 to succeed it has to be viewed by all as platform agnostic, and what better way to demonstrate that other than by doing it yourself.”

BlackBerry has a history of delivering outdated hardware at a premium cost. While the Android partnership will help, BlackBerry needs to ensure it stays with the times and gives customers a product which is worth their money.

Let’s hope this change spells good fortune to the company that once created its own era and revolution.

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  • Aaditya Suri

    I dont think so it will be a hit as was in case with blackphone they had swcurity with android but no luck.

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  • Zain Ahmed Khan

    if yes, then welcome back to the game BB

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  • Kushal Kumar

    combine their security services with android …….

  • AaSim Khan

    y nt Give it a try …

  • Abdul Kareem

    Welcome BlackBerry to android world

  • Pratip Bhattacharjee

    Sounds good.

  • Diganta Bikash Barman

    If happens, This will be the Toughest Combination to Break. The Security System of Blackberry with the Popularity of Android OS, Just Awesome. Besides the Users of Blackberry with Android OS will Live a Worry Free Life of Personal Data Stealing and Bugs.

  • Shazore Habeeb

    i would love to have balackberry high on android steroids.. (y)

  • Saurabh Vardhan

    Hahahaha…. ANDROID RULES!!!!!

  • humzaq

    iGyaan An exclusive custom ROM, and exclusive apps that are only installed in BB can be a game changer for BB

  • humzaq

    iGyaan BlackBerry may be successful if they have something unique if they get along with Android.

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