According to ITU, 5G Networks Will Provide Speeds of up to 20Gbps

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According to ITU, 5G Networks Will Provide Speeds of up to 20Gbps

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Faster 5G network, that will boost internet speed exceptionally, is going to be a reality much sooner than expected. Well, the 5G internet network speed that was anticipated to launch until 2020 will now arrive two years before, in 2018.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), United Nations agency for Information and Communications Technologies, made public the speed to be offered with 5G. They also announced that the first demo of its blazing fast internet speed will be done at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

As reported by online daily The Korean Times, the transmit speed of 5G will be up to 20 GB per second, while is presently 150MB per second maximum with 4G speed. The purposed 5G enables users to download 20HD movies within seconds.

The report reads –

The 5G network will also have capacity to provide more than 100 megabits-per-second average data transmission to over one million Internet of Things devices within 1 square kilometer.

The United Nations agency will start accepting technologies suitable for the 5G standard before its commercialization plan in 2020. There is still a lot of time for 5G network to become a reality, and to become a standard all around the world, it will take another couple of years.

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  • Kevin Lorenzo

    Watha! Still 3g is not completely settled ur going fr 5g?

  • Parth Bhimani

    Pehle 3G to thik se pure India mein set kardo… Bss badi badi baatein

  • Ajay Gawai

    Just dream

  • Joshua V John

    Let’s make HDD’s which can handle that speed a bit cheaper first. :P

  • Parth Garg

    India will get speed of 5 mbps speeds at 5G lol

  • Navinder Singh

    question is this FUP ke baad kaunsi speed hogi ?

  • Akshat Gulati

    1Tbps achieved. This is boring, to say the least :/

  • Aditya Wadher

    In India we will get a speed of 1gb ±1020mb …lol

  • Sam Gskrafdie

    Awesome but I don’t think its 4 our country . . .

  • Anubhav Sachdeva

    Pehle 3g to dhang se chala lo

  • Manzoor Sangeen

    But where is 4G

  • Abdullah Asif

    Hahaha Ye 20 saal bad Aaeay ga Pak Mein lol :P

  • Zain Ul Abideen

    Pakistan mein 3G 4G ro ro kr aya
    5G to phr bri door hae

  • Zain Ul Abideen

    Abdullah Asif

  • Atharv Yaduvanshi

    Haha matlab mera 3g heavy data plan 2.5 seconds me over..

  • Dipanjan Ray

    It will be of no use to us unless the prices are slashed.

  • Tanveer Ahmed Tajir

    India is still limping in Kbps and FUP money making tactics… 3G is still far from affordable and 4G is a dream to afford … 5G is just an Illusion living in India.

  • Suresh AR

    i am still in 2g .

  • Rahul Gahlawat

    That wrd “upto” matters a lot

  • Kaizaad Banaji

    :o Sahas Goud

  • Hameed Ali

    In 2020 we may expect 5G in our Country

  • Bikram Singh

    First they need to set 2g speed standard. Forget about 5g

  • Pijush Mandal

    20Gbps with 2GB 5g plan..LOL

  • Ankur Verma

    Kya matlab
    India m to 5G p bhi 2G jaise hi chalega