Top 10 Countries With the World’s Fastest Internet

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Top 10 Countries With the World’s Fastest Internet

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The internet is an absolute necessity for our generation. Everything we do, today, is connected to the Internet somehow or the other. For most of us, it is impossible to go through the day without scrolling through our Facebook feed or YouTube. With only a keyboard and mouse, we can access limitless amount of information.

But, with a slow Internet speed, there is nothing more irritating than waiting for a page to load. For the people living in the countries listed below, we’re guessing that they never have to use the word “buffer”.

Let us look at some countries with the fastest Internet connections:

#10 Finland

This year, Finland had a tremendous growth with a 33% increase in its Internet speed. Undoubtedly, one of the wealthiest countries of Europe, Finland also boasts a high quality of life and education.

Average Internet Speed: 12.1 Mbps

#9 Czech Republic

internet use
One of the developing countries in Europe, many people would argue that Czech Republic isn’t quite there yet. It’s simply not true. Czech Republic is one of the fastest growing European countries in the terms of economy. Just like its growth rate, the Internet facilities have developed by leaps in the past few years.

Average Internet Speed: 12.3 Mbps

#8 Ireland


Ireland has one of the fastest growing technology sectors in Europe. It has seen a growth of 24% in the last year.

Average Internet Speed: 12.3 Mbps

#7 Latvia

Latvia is perhaps the only country in this list, that many would never have heard of. This region has a rather dark past since was under, both, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union rule. But, it has been showing spectacular growth in all sectors. In the terms of Internet speed, Latvia has taken most of the countries by surprise. Internet speeds have grown 25% over the last year.

Average Internet Speed: 13 Mbps

#6 Netherlands

Netherlands is listed with Switzerland in holding the most broadband subscriptions per 100 subscriptions, has no bandwidth caps, and has the most homes passed in Europe in terms of connection speeds of 50 Mbps and higher. Government-mandated Internet censorship is non-existent due to the House of Representatives speaking out against filtering.

Average Internet Speed: 14.2 Mbps

#5 Switzerland

Switzerland, along with its beautiful landscapes, is also known for having one of the fastest Internet connections in the world. This country also boasts one of the highest number of Internet users in the world, with 85.2% of the population accessing the Internet every day.

Average Internet Speed: 14.5 Mbps

#4 Sweden


Moving up slowly, the Nordic nation of Sweden is also among the countries offering the highest internet speed. Sweden has best Internet speed in the whole of Europe, showing most year-over-year growth with 34 percent growth, 1 percent greater than next-door-neighbor, Finland. European countries surely have all the fun!

Average Internet Speed: 14.6 Mbps

#3 Japan

A customer looks at a web page of Qzone, a Chinese social networking site at an internet cafe in Changzhi, Shanxi province August 28, 2009. From virtual clothes to e-pets, Asians spend an estimated $5 billion a year on virtual purchases via websites such as Qzone, Cyworld in South Korea and mobile-phone based network Gree in Japan, according to Plus Eight Star. That's about 80 percent of the global market for virtual products, it says. To match feature ASIA-SOCIALNETWORKING/   REUTERS/Stringer (CHINA BUSINESS SOCIETY SCI TECH) CHINA OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN CHINA

Known to the world as one of the leading digital giants, with companies like Sony, Toshiba, Nintendo, etc., fast Internet connections come naturally to this country. It maintains a reliable Internet speed that hardly seems to dwindle.

Average Internet Speed: 15.2Mbps

#2 Hong Kong

Another Asian country on the list, Hong Kong is first and only country that broke the 60 Mbps barrier back in 2013. This is due to advances in FTTH (Fiber To The Home) infrastructure and aggressive high-speed pricing, which now seems to be paying off.

Average Internet Speed: 16.8 Mbps

#1 South Korea

South Korea is the undisputed champion when it comes to Internet speed. The Internet connection here is so fast that the country is about to unveil its 10Gbps Internet service soon. The Internet has a higher standing for many Koreans than it does in the West, and the government actively encourages this. South Korea’s speed is roughly six times faster than the world average of 3.8 Mbps.

Average Speed: 22.2 Mbps

And the State Back Home..

Sadly, India comes in at number 52nd rank according to AkamaiTechnology in 2014 listing with an average speed of 2Mbps. But as a country, we are progressing at a great speed in the terms of economy and technology. With new businesses sprouting each day, the need for a connected economy has increased considerably. It’s time India should get high speed unlimited data plans.

Read more about it here.

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Srikanth Jamadagni

Im happy wid ma ACT 30 mbps.. Dats enuf fa me

Ara Vind

india wont come on the list even after a century of time :p. jk but yeah heh

Siddharth Kumar
Sanam Deep

Karanveer Singh
Saksham Gupta

Raghav Batra

Lmao they say average indian connection speed is 2mbps..but its actually 512kbps as we bypass fair usage policy scam…

Mayank Mishra

Fact: India is not even in the top 100.

I’m really surprised that India is standing at 52nd position having average speed of 2 Mbps. I’m sure it should be less than that. BSNL being the top ISP in India with around 60.17 % of the Indian Subscribers ( – 2013), you really can not improve the speed of the internet connection. Their service is known to be slow and at times quite irritating.  And the tariffs are quite high and the middle class is unable to afford. But times are changing and companies like ACT have started providing high speed internet connection which is quite affordable. I really… Read more »
Abdul Ahad

This list is compiled by speed averages. There are many Gigabit connections in many countries all over the world, does not mean they are at the top.

Rahul Gahlawat

Same here


And cellular companies in india increased there tariff rates almost doubling it in some packs without increasing there speed or network quality xD

Jeff Canafax
The gigabit connection is only in like 4 or 5 big cities in other big cities the max speed is somewhere around the 150 Mbps line i believe. Smaller cities and towns are around the 50Mbps if they are lucky. If you dont live in the city its a toss up of speeds you can get mostly varies by distance. you can either get 24-30 Mbps or you can have 56 Kbps Dial up. unlike many countries I dont believe there is a big push to increase internet speeds because ISP’s dont want to have to pay to upgrade the… Read more »
Somesh Jena

Anish Singh check dis out

Kåpïl Làád

that’s called speed

Mukund Madhusudan Atre
Mukund Madhusudan Atre

Anirudh Tiwari

Arunesh Sarin

100gbps xD
U just went full retard

Raghav Batra

Its not 100gbps,Google fibre is 1gbps -. –

Liker Boy Roky

Liker Boy Roky ???? ?????? ??? ???? ??? ? ???????????????? ????? ???? ???? ????. ?? ????? ??? ????. liker boy Roky ???? ???? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??

Siddharth Kumar

Google has 100gigs in USA . I don’t know from where did you copy pasted the list from ?

Gaurav Mandke

I’m assuming india is not even on the list!

Chun Wai Lee

Hong Kong is not a country