iOS 9’s ‘Low Power Mode’ to Reduce iPhone’s Performance by 40%

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iOS 9’s ‘Low Power Mode’ to Reduce iPhone’s Performance by 40%

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While iPhone users have a lot to boast about, battery life of their smartphones is not something that is easily discussed. Apple acknowledged the problem, and at WWDC this year, it was one of the most important issues addressed. At the event, we learned that iOS 9 would feature a “low power mode” that would extend the battery life upto three hours. The mode will allow for devices to reduce power consumption and restrict to only phone call capability.

Now, a new report has revealed that the mode will reduce the performance of the iPhone in exchange for improving the battery life.

The guys at MacRumors ran a benchmark test on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s to test the device’s processor power. They discovered that the single and multi-core scores for the processors dropped by 40% when iOS 9’s “Low Power Mode” was turned on.

When turned on, the mode reduces the CPU speed, which results in the shutting down of background activities like mail fetch, background app refresh, motion effects and brightness. Nothing has been mentioned about activities such as browsing web, making calls after iOS 9 activates the energy saving mode.

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    When it launches, shall I updated my iPad mini to iOS 9?!!

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    Somebody is sneaking into samsung ‘s ultra power saving room

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    That’s how it should work since it doesn’t have any separate low power core! If it’s doing its job fine without any significant impact then it’s definitely a nice feature for us U0001f603

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