Apple Set To Produce More Than 80 Million iPhone 6S Units

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Apple Set To Produce More Than 80 Million iPhone 6S Units

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If another round of rumours is to be believed, it looks like Apple is planning on something big for the next iPhone. Apparently, according to WSJ, the tech giant has immense ambitions and has assigned the task of assembling 85-90 million handsets-complete with Force Touch- to its manufacturing partners. WSJ predicted that Apple’s sales growth approximates to 10% each year. The company ordered between 70 million and 80 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units for launch in 2014.

So far, we’ve learnt that the next iPhones will include Force Touch and a new casing to make the iPhone 6S wider, taller and stronger. The new model will run on iOS 9 and have an enhanced processor. Samsung might provide chipsets and displays for Apple’s forthcoming products, and iPhone 6S will be powered by a next-gen A9 processor and come with 2GB of RAM. The new model will run on iOS 9 and have an enhanced processor, as Apple announced at the WWDC this year.

It is also possible that Apple may release two variants of the iPhone, the smaller 6s variant, and a larger 6s ‘Plus’ version.

The upcoming iPhone 6s is rumored to be available in stores from 25th September this year. According to the source, pre-orders will start on 18th September, and it will go live physically on 25th September.

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