ChatSim Allows Users to Chat Anywhere For Free

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ChatSim Allows Users to Chat Anywhere For Free

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ChatSim World has launched what it calls the world’s ‘most advanced SIM card for chatting’, known as ChatSim. The SIM card allows you to chat free of charge with anyone, anywhere in the world and is compatible with popular chatting apps like WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, all for €10 (approximately INR 695). The company claims that the SIM can let you chat free of charge, anywhere (even without Wi-fi) and no limits.

For 10 Euros per year, ChatSim allows you to chat for free and gives you 2000 credits, which can be converted into MBs, evaluated on the world zone set by company. For example, if you live in India, which comes under Zone 2, your 2000 credits convert into roughly 20 MBs. So, for 10 Euros per year, you are getting 20MB data which you can use for sending photographs and other multimedia files. Also, you get 100 minutes of voice calls. Additional recharge of €25 will give you 250 MB and 500 minutes of voice call for 30 days.

Chat Sim costs 20 Euros including shipping charges.

Chat Sim costs 20 Euros including shipping charges.

For Indian users, the price of ChatSim might look quite steep, but is actually a boon for those who frequently travel abroad. According to the European Commission, the roaming rate per MB is €0.20 while the roaming rate for making outgoing voice calls is €0.19. Thus, ChatSim will appeal to travellers who are tired of paying steep roaming rates.

As Manuel Zanella, CEO of ChatSim puts it, “It is an excellent tool for people travelling abroad for business to always keep in touch with colleagues and acquaintances. The most advanced instant messaging apps and super-fast networks let you stay connected, always. ChatSim lets you do it at very affordable prices too.

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Tejan Mitra
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    you can’t download images/videos using whatsapp free of cost.. so it is 10$ per year cost to use whatsapp and other messaging service..

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