Xiaomi Will Also Sell A Water Purifier and Sports Shoes

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Xiaomi Will Also Sell A Water Purifier and Sports Shoes

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Today, Xiaomi was supposed to launch the much awaited Mi5. However, the company went ahead and launched MiTV 2S. Turns out, it wasn’t the only product Xiaomi launched today. The company went ahead and launched a water purifier and sports shoe.


For years, people have joked that Apple is so huge that it will one day launch its own brand of water. Xiaomi, which has gained a reputation for being the Chinese counterpart of Apple, went a step further and launched its own water purifier. Known as the ‘Mi Water Purifier’, the device can connect directly to the tap, thus removing the requirement for any laborious setup. The purifier can dispense 400 gallons of water purified through a four-step RO process.

Mi Water PurifierSince it’s Xiaomi, the purifier can notify you about filter change and other such details on your phone. It is not cheap though, for it costs around Rs.13,000 with extra accessories available on Xiaomi’s website. Mi’s Hugo Barra is excited to launch the purifier in India.

Xiaomi also launched a smart shoe in partnership with sports brand Li Ning. Known as the ‘Li Ning Smart Shoes’, it features military-grade motion sensors supplied by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Li Ning Shoes

Source: My Drivers

The Li-Ning Smart Shoes are claimed to be waterproof and sweat-proof and can withstand pressure while running. It uses a Bluetooth chip that allows the user to connect with a paired smartphone. It is available in  two variants, CNY 199 (Rs. 2,000) and CNY 399 (Rs. 4,000) and will go on sale in China from Monday.

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    Guys oneplus vr headset is available at Rs 99/- buy now:

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