Close Look : Marshall’s New London Smartphone is Pretty Awesome

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Close Look : Marshall’s New London Smartphone is Pretty Awesome

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Yesterday, Music gear and accessory company Marshall audio released information about their upcoming smartphone called the London.  While the news made waves, the phone specifications itself are not that appealing.

marshall-london-phone-6_3800.0[pullquote_left]What Android Needs Today is More Personality Not More Performance[/pullquote_left]

However the Marshall London is designed not to impress the spec-hungry but more the music hungry. The company claims that Android today needs more personality, and not more performance. The phone is relatively low end with a 4.7-inch, 720p display. Dependant on 2GB of RAM, a 2500 mAh (removable) battery, and a Snapdragon 410 processor which is seen in some of the most popular low end phones.

Marshall London earphonesThe London has been priced higher than expected for roughly US $ 549 or Rs. 35000. But, the intention that the phone serves is different. Apart from being completely brilliant to look at, the music centric London has excellent audio processing. Dual headphone outputs, Dual front speakers and a jog dial for precise controls. There is a dedicated “M” button on the top for easy access to music.

There, However, seems to be various implications of the dual headphone jacks. Thick of multi track mixing or recording. Dual independent outputs to separate devices, and dual monitoring when mixing tracks on a DJ app. From a use case point of view, it eliminates quite a few hurdles. The phone won’t be available till late Aug, in the meanwhile however, you can check out the pictures of the beautiful Marshall London below.

Global-Equalizer Marshall London Marshall London earphones Guitar Marshall London marshall-london-phone-2_3800.0 Marshall London Dj marshall-london-phone-8_3800.0 marshall-london-phone-7_3800.0 marshall-london-phone-6_3800.0

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    looks good but not even FHD acreen!!

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    Looks great…hope it worths the price tag of 35K.

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    Will it let us play music at 11?

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    35000 inr bro

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