With the 360 Degree View, Google Has Made Advertisements Interesting

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With the 360 Degree View, Google Has Made Advertisements Interesting

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After rolling out 360 degree videos on YouTube in March, Google has now extended the same to video ads from today. No one prefers to sit through advertisements, but Google’s latest move should lead to some interesting ad campaigns, like this one:

Google says that these 360 degree videos are best enjoyed on Cardboard, its VR platform for Android. The VR does give an added advantage to 360 degree videos as it increases the presence of interactive elements in the video. Google says that for every one of these videos run as ads, the results have been impressive. For instance, Google says that Coca-Cola’s 360 video celebrating the 100th anniversary of their iconic bottle design outperformed standard in-stream video ad view-through rates by 36%.

The 360 degree videos can only be viewed on Google Chrome and YouTube apps for iOS and Android. If you want to create your own 360 degree video, you have to use one of these cameras as described by Google: Ricoh Theta,Kodak SP360, Giroptic 360cam, or IC Real Tech Allie.

Check out some more 360 degree videos:

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