Airtel Users Experience Maximum Call Drops

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Airtel Users Experience Maximum Call Drops

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We have all been recently experiencing something that has been termed as ‘call drops’, and as of June 30th 2015 Airtel has received the the most number of complaints (31) followed by Vodafone, Idea Cellular and BSNL as written by telecom minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad  in a written reply to the Lok Sabha. The TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has also received complaints from Reliance, Aircel, MTS and Tata users too.

The Airtel CEO had written an open letter to its customers asking for their help. He mentioned that the two most important things necessary for a good service or network were sites and spectrum. He also requests customers to identify nearby mobile sites to reduce call drops in a particular locality.

But what is the government doing about this, since customers are still paying for inefficient services?

TRAI has been monitoring the performance for service providers against the quality of service benchmarks for the various parameters through quarterly performance monitoring reports.” – Ravi Shankar Prasad

Ideally, the call drop rate should be less than 2%. Although, service providers have cited various reasons such as  equipment faults, frequent load shedding in some circles, difficulty in site acquisition, shutting of existing mobile towers due to radiation concerns and restrictions near international borders. These don’t seem to be excuses but facts of this situation.

The government promises to meet telecom service providers  in April as well as the second week of July, 2015 regarding the call drop issue, wherein, they have been asked to take immediate measures to address issues of call drops by radio frequency optimization, installation of new sites and in-building solutions.

However, the results of these measures are yet to be experienced.

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  • Rishabh Garg

    Its true airtel network also having this issue

  • Deepanshu Garg

    call drops cont frm more than 40 days

  • Yogesh Gupta

    Vidhi Shah – see I never hang up ur calls. Its airtel U0001f60aU0001f60a

  • Kailash Rao

    haha absolutely true!

  • Varun Jain

    Bhaiya its not about the particular service provider. Thier capacity to serve india’s population is just not enough.

  • Paresh Rajput


  • Karunakar Patro

    4 g also less speed 2g speed

  • Hatred Pride

    yep guys, they charge us more than the quality of service.. :(

  • Rohit Joshi

    Also the 3g service sucks in mumbai

  • Gaurav Kumar Singh

    Yep ur exactly right I just came to Bhubaneswar and activated 3g but can’t even open Flipkart .!!

  • Nelson D’souza

    Its a fraud company

  • Sudarshan Byadwal

    my whole family and i am using airtel network and never experinced such issues.

  • Gaurav Verma

    Ghnta call drop .. mere sath kbhi ni hota

  • Trishal Mandrik

    Gaurav Verma that’s why i don’t use airtel……..

  • Bitan Podder

    whatsapp doesn’t sent message very esily

  • Bitan Podder

    yes .. very low net speed …

  • Bitan Podder

    yes ,,, yes .. i have have been complaining them…

  • Dilpreet Singh Sachdeva

    Raghu Singh haan grahan laga haU0001f61c

  • Lee Nongmaithem

    Really really not only drops it sucks money too

  • Raghu Singh

    Dilpreet Singh Sachdeva le bhai bola tha kal

  • Hatred Pride

    not call drops only… also .too low speeds on 3G in odisha (under 150kb/s) and too expensive data & call charges!!..

  • Sandeep Mishra

    Somesh Panigrahi- time to port i think

  • Anindya Ghosh

    Ported my airtel no. to vodafone, highly satisfied.

  • Sai Teja

    best in towns, worst in cities. I shifted to bsnl and it is worst in towns and best in cities.

  • ImJC

    Especially on my iphone. Dont see them dropping too often in my blackberry,

  • Sanchit Mittal

    And will be first to disappoint on a whole new front

  • Rohan Chowdhury

    Saswata Chowdhury eta por :P

  • Saptarshi Das

    Cause they have the most active users lol

  • Varun Rajput

    Call drops. Weak 3G signals and yet costly

  • Madhan Kumar

    FraudTel & Avoid grps are looting people’s hard money in the name of providing Quality Services.Not only that they indulge in doing Fraud Balance Deductions by activating VAS Activations. Thank God I am using Honest Bsnl & I am highly satisfied with their great value for money services!

  • Shukant Prem Lagwankar

    M using vodafone and its way better then Airtel

  • Mac Heer

    Rekha Rathore give ur valuable comment …. :P

  • Amit Gulia

    time to port my airtel no. to vodafone Mac Heer

  • Vishesh Koul

    Using Vodafone Since then.

  • Vishesh Koul

    I broke off my sim bro.. They were giving me all types of possible crappy explanations… For The services, I never ever subscribed to

  • Mohammed Tousif

    Discontinue all the additional service in

  • Chinmay Deshpande

    Looks like someone didn’t pay their dues :P

  • Madhav Buck Arora

    voda not that good i’ll suggest stick with airtel atleast for me it’s not that good choice is yours!

  • CA Vishnu Mothipati

    Airtel India

  • Vishesh Koul

    Not to mentioned money getting disappeared out of your pre paid account without any possible explanation.

  • Vivek Parakh

    very poor 3g network in ahmedabad

  • Vivek Parakh

    me too

  • Abhishek Singh Baghel

    Airtel getting worse…!

  • Arshdeep Singh

    And don’t forget they are the first to provide 4G

  • Soumendu Sarkar

    also facing the same problem since last month.. thinking about porting to voda.. :(

  • Robin Kaura

    I just discovered an app called mCent that gives you free mobile airtime for trying apps on your phone. Give it a try:

  • Sudeep Biswas

    only call drops?? then i guess u don’t use airtel