Windows 10 is Finally Here

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Windows 10 is Finally Here

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All Windows users have been anticipating this day for months now, and it is finally here. The Windows 10 launches today, though with mixed reviews. It is being called a great combination of the Windows 7 & 8, especially with the return of features like the Start Button. Other features include Cortana, a new browsing experience with different modes such as the reading mode.

source: PCworld

source: PCworld

One can upgrade to the Windows 10 by clicking on the ‘get windows 10’ icon on the Systems Tray of your PC. Otherwise, Windows has also provided a Quick Guide along with a website pertaining to the launch. Those of you who have already clicked on this button and have registered for the new Windows, have only to wait till Windows updates you about the download. The installation might take a day or two, depending on the traffic.

Windows 10 Upgrade Website

Most reports don’t call it a ‘traditional launch,’ since Windows 10 has been available to several users for a couple of months. Although, Microsoft says, that Windows 10 will perhaps be the last version of the Windows software program, which will keep updating itself gradually for free, over months and years.

windows 10

As of now the Windows 10 will come with many guide videos to help upgraders use the new features such as, the cortana, XBox game streaming, built-in universal apps, and the improved security of Windows 10.

Windows 10

However, with mixed reviews, it is yet to be seen, whether Windows 10 will tighten its hold on the market. Let us know about your Windows 10 upgrade.

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