Will the iPhone 7 Support Wireless Charging?

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Will the iPhone 7 Support Wireless Charging?

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The answer to this question could be, yes. The iPhone could finally have a wireless charging pad and here is how. The WiPower, discovered by Qualcomm will help in the process:

“WiPower has added the ability to have the device itself made of metal. This advancement maintains WiPower’s existing ability to charge devices requiring up to 22 watts today, at speeds equal to or faster when compared to other wireless charging technologies.”

The main reason why Apple never released a wireless charging pad was because all its iPhones came with a metal body which interfered with any wireless charging pad. But now with the WiPower, which is itself made of metal, will help solve this problem. The WiPower is supported by the Rezence standard, which uses different technology than the more commonly used Qi standard. Although this shouldn’t be a problem for iPhone and iPad users, since their software is compatible with Rezence.

apple iphone 6s

It is said that with the use of this technology could help you charge both a WiPower enabled iPads and iPhones, simultaneously. It can also use the bluetooth smart connection to determine the proper charging requirements for devices.


Rumours suggest that the iPhone 6 and 6Plus will also have metal backs although they may not support wireless charging. However, an iPhone 7 with a metal body could include the wireless charging software.

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    If I stare at the phone with my full concentration, will it charge?

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    No USB OTG

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    Windows phone doesn’t have 64 bit processor nor fast charging

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    No ……2014 specs with much high price

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