Windows 10 Mobile Expected to Launch in November

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Windows 10 Mobile Expected to Launch in November

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With the arrival of the Windows 10 update for PCs and tablets, the release of the software on smartphones too, was highly anticipated. A Windows executive announced today, that the Windows 10 mobile may finally arrive in November.

“Obviously, there’s some duplication in engineering, sales and marketing, but it doesn’t change our strategy around mobility. Windows 10 Mobile is coming and it’s coming strong. Our core platform is Windows 10. It’s mobile in nature, not just the device, but the experience people will have. So there’s a big emphasis on the… mobile phone side of it. But there’s more thunder on that coming later in the year,” Doherty.

Reports suggest, that if the Windows 10 makes its debut in November, one can also expect the launch of the rumoured Lumia 950 (codename Talkman) and the Lumia 950 XL (codename: Cityman) around the same time.  Currently, the time-frame suggests that these two devices may be launched in New York in late September or October.

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Microsoft is having a separate launch for the Windows 10 mobile so as not to be outshined by other product launches.

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  • Chirag Mittal

    The official Microsoft FAQ page says they will roll out windows 10 in early September.

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    Tashreef Ihtisham u are correct I think

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    igyaan Windows Microsoft Djkrimp Hey Dude…What are your thoughts about Windows 10 Phones ??

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    When for android phones…. i mean custom rom….

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    Afzal .. No u r wrong.. Windows phonw share is increasing day by day .. In russia marker share is more than ios

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    Tashreef.. tum b galat… its Windows 10 mobile

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    There is no more Windows Phone. It will be Windows 10 for Phones.

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    Windows phone is useless ! Below average apps n no support! N they take ages to roll out an update! It will be dead in 2 years

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