India Will Need to Wait a While to Experience Cortana

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India Will Need to Wait a While to Experience Cortana

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We’ve all been talking about how iOS’ Siri finally has competition with Microsoft’s voice-activated digital assistant in Windows 10, Cortana. Set to have been seen with the global launch of Windows 10, Microsoft users in India may be left disappointed. Why? Because Cortana isn’t going to be available to us anytime soon due to Microsoft updating the software with “strong local content”, according to Microsoft India Director (Windows Business Group) Vineet Durani.

source: Microsoft-news

source: Microsoft-news

The decision has been made due to a number of reasons. Durani said that Cortana wasn’t just an assistant. Since she is used to find data, track information, set reminders etc, they wanted to make sure that Cortana was synchronised, geographically and locally so that she could cater to the Indian users with more efficiency. Therefore, it isn’t just about getting the Indian accent right, its about being completely in tune to the user’s needs.

This seems like an understandable move from the Redmond-based firm because Windows 10 is banking on making a comeback from the mild debacle Windows 8 was. They want to make sure they give stiff competition to Apple’s iOS, without any glitches. Hence, we can only hope that when Cortana does make an appearance in India, she’s flawless.

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  • Apoorva Raj Bhadani

    They are working for that
    Insiders know that

  • Malwinder Singh

    Join this for #OnePlus 2 invite

  • Debarghya Ghosh

    I did absolutely nothing special… It came by default with the update.
    Enjoying Cortana now. :-)

  • Tanay Midfing Kayal

    Indian region users can get Cortana with Windows insider service. off course in beta version.

  • Dipanjan Nickname

    I’m already experiencing it by setting region to US. Working flawlessly and it’s showing local weather, maps and everything.
    Cause waiting for suckers XD

  • Hamza Saleem


  • Ashish Tahiliani

    Cortana resembles AVATAR

  • Shivank Rajput

    I am experiencing it..

  • Rohit Andley Mathur

    What’s the point in using Indian version. I use siri also of us so cortana isnt something new

  • Spandan Sen Gupta

    To get Cortana working outside the US do the following:
    First you will have to change ‘Region and Language’ settings. For this go to desktop control panel and select Clock, Language, and Region from the right hand side
    Click on Region and change the following:
    1. In the Format tab, set format as English (United States)
    2. Set Home Location in the Location tab as
    United States
    3. Finally, in the Administrative tab, set Current System Local to English (United States)
    Also, set English (United States) as your primary display language to make the aforementioned changes work fine
    In case you have not installed it yet, head over to Add a Language and choose it from the list and then set as primary
    After you have made the changes, restart your PC. Once the system is up, you will find Cortana ready to assist you with information you are looking for
    Also, you need to sign in using your Microsoft account. You can either use your keyboard or, microphone to interact with Cortana.
    If you are a non-native speaker and not comfortable with pronunciation, you can change the settings accordingly. For this, go to Setting>> choose
    System>> Speech>> set Speech language as English (US)>> click the box saying Use speech pattern for non native speakers of this language.

  • Arjun Singh

    just change language settings guys …………grab a english US ……….. u can experience cortana

  • Tushar Arora
  • Rohit Pandey

    i am able to use it by changing my region in system.

  • Modern Dorbesh

    im waiting U0001f622 when come

  • Ankur Chaudhary

    no its here too my upgrade come with cortana

  • AmanAnmol

    igyaan Windows MicrosoftIndia; You sure of this tweet? Because I am using Cortana since months in India!! Works pretty good on #Lumia730.

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