This Windows 10 Feature May Be Using Up Your Internet Bandwidth

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This Windows 10 Feature May Be Using Up Your Internet Bandwidth

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As people are slowly learning and getting used to the Windows 10 updates, some of them stand out, here is one. A feature called the Windows Update Delivery Optimization gives Microsoft the permission to share parts of your Internet bandwidth, with others.

This feature saves and uploads parts of your updates files that have been downloaded via Windows Update & Windows Store service, then depending upon your settings, will share that with people on your local network, or people on the internet.

“Delivery Optimization downloads the same updates and apps that you get through Windows Update and the Windows Store. Delivery Optimization creates a local cache, and stores files that it has downloaded in that cache for a short period of time,” says the description.

This feature is enabled in all desktop editions of Windows 10 by default; however it only shares files on the local network. There is an option to turn off this feature, one needs to go to the Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Advanced options. After that, select the ‘Choose how updates are delivered’ and turn off the ‘Dicovery Optimization’ feature.

Image Source: NDTV Gadgets

Image Source: NDTV Gadgets

The feature, is one of the few that could annoy users, just like the Wi-Fi Sense did. The Wi-Fi sense is a feature that was previously available on Windows Phones, whereby it shares the user’s Wi-Fi credentials to all contacts on Facebook, Outlook & Skype.

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  • Aman Patel Ronisuth

    Not better than Windows 8.1 Pro i can’t use various features on my Laptop its basically designed to operate 8.1 only Hp Ultrabook , So i dual booted now using both :v

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    is cortana or any microsoft server/any 3 rd person recording our actions on our PC?

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    I have Window 8.1 tablet pc,,,config: 2 gb ram,32 gb rom and 32 bit,x64 based intel atom processor. Can I upgrade my Tablet pc to Windows 10 and How? pls give suggestion

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    awesome windows 10……itzzzz sooo beutiful

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    I am using it it’s amazing….

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    it depends on the user and one can disable it, and don’t you think this a good future for organisations by which they can reduce the Internet usage……

  • Sangram Gorai

    I turned all of them off just after I installed . No problem now

  • Yasasvi Raman Devadasu

    disable windows updates in local services … problem solved … ;) search in start > view local services > windows update > disable (also stop it if its already running)

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