New Leak of LG’s Nexus 2015 Smartphone Reveals Design Details

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New Leak of LG’s Nexus 2015 Smartphone Reveals Design Details

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The LG Nexus for 2015 has been talked about, ever since since rumours suggested that it would look as stylish as the Nexus 5 and would be priced lower than the Nexus 6.


Amidst many leaks, the most recent one is that of an LG Nexus 2015 case cover, that shows what the phone could look like from different angles, while also showcasing the thickness as well as the orientation of the buttons. These pictures suggest that the new Nexus might feature a single-sided array of buttons along the right edge of the device. Some of the ports seems to include a headphone jack along the bottom and a charging port also at the bottom, that seems to look like a USB Type- C.


The case also features a cutout for a rear facing camera and a flash module. However, it is also rumoured, that the lower circle cutout could be a fingerprint reader.

LG Nexus 2015 case Leak

With these promising leaks, the LG Nexus 2015 is looking to be another winner Nexus smartphone. Let us know what you think of the device so far.

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    #excited #LG

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    Suck lg phone
    For battery

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    The other hole can also be acquired by a secondry rear camera ;)

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    SIgn up for One Plus 2 invites,

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    I just hope the price doesn’t cross 25k

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    Jathin K Suvarna

  • SujayKadrekar

    The lower cutout seems the place for an LG logo to me but again the alphabets “LG” usually appear next to it so it might be what you’re saying a fingerprint scanner. But with recent smartphones, we’ve seen companies adopting a front facing fingerprint scanner. I’ve been using it on my HTC One M9+ now, and I think it’s the best place for it.

  • Keshav Agarwal

    I think its wrong rumor