Another Leak Shows Us What the iPhone 6S Might Look Like

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Another Leak Shows Us What the iPhone 6S Might Look Like

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New leaks about the iPhone 6S have given us details about the design of the phone. The rendered leaks show us, that the iPhone 6S could be a thicker version of its predecessors.

Here is a closer look:

The drawings imply an almost specific measurement of 7.1 mm thickness as compared to the iPhone 6, which is 6.9 mm. The iPhone 6S Plus is also said to be thicker than the 6S, at 7.3mm. These leaks also suggest that the phone could have a Force Touch feature – this feature senses the amount of force used when users press their touchscreen while the phone accesses the different functions based on the touch. iphone-6s-leaks-cad It is also reported that the iPhone 6S could offer faster LTE speeds and an improved chipset. Moreover, other iPhone 6S leaks have also suggested, that it might come with an improved NFC and 16GB storage.

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    The only thing is that I have to go out with iPhone

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    that’s awkward to use.

  • Yash Kotkar

    It’s fake and this pic was shown also for iPhone 6

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    I DON’T think so . It’s a concept of i-phone.

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    i can,t be like this and its completely wrong information

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    Fake fake fakr

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    i guesssso its the picture of iphone 7 :P i saw that in a linkk :P

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    Can’t believe u shared this pic, this pic has been around for ever on the net

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    Let’s see :p

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    jhhaatt ka balll
    …..chutia admin

  • Gurnishan Bir Singh Mann

    Haha well you can rely on mine. U0001f60e

  • Raghav Batra

    Same pic was leaked for iPhone 5 and 5s as type of design will probably be used on a droid..bcoz apple likes to stick with their basic flat 2007ish design.

  • Prabhjot Matharoo I never thought you would share such unauthentic news. These leaks come out every time a new iPhone is about to launch. I wonder how you yourself believed in it being one of the good Indian reviewers.

  • Prashant Rawat

    I repeat folks .. “Leak” .. !!!! the click bate cheapness ..

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    Gurnishan the moment you will open it you will be doing multi tasking. Messages, safari, videos, whatsapp .. And I don’t know if any of the human on this planet has brains so smart.. U0001f61b

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    This is amazing

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    This is fake…launch hua to pakka dila dunga …

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    You gift me this, and I’ll tell you how!!!

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    I am curious to know how people will hold this phone in their hands without touching the screen at the same time… Shubham Vedant Priya Ketak Chintan Gurnishan Surbhi Madhav

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    Yo mai jai lene wala :p :p hahaha

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    No antenna line on the back???

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    i love ittttttt

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    wat about the antennae bands!? i dont see them on the back of that rendering? any confirmation on that?

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    E rokom hobe na