Now Use Your Home Button to Summon Cortana Instead of Google Now

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Now Use Your Home Button to Summon Cortana Instead of Google Now

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Just last month, Microsoft released a private beta version of its Cortana digital assistant which had similar features to the Windows 10 and Windows phone version. Now, Microsoft, while going further in Android’s direction, has come up with an updated app. You will now be able to replace the Google Now shortcut (by pressing and holding the home button) with Cortana, instead.

The updated Cortana version will not include the “Hey Cortana” support because of hardware limitations that prevent her from always listening to your command. This new update lets Microsoft take over a common way of launching Google Now, although, you will still be able to access Google Now’s features. Microsoft hopes that Android users will experience Cortana and even make it their default home button setting, if possible.

Click here if you want to test Cortana.

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  • Parth Gupta

    Hahhhh cortana…. :(

  • Ujjawal Jain

    Dear igyan please stop copying news from west and write something original. We all know Cortana doesn’t support in India.

  • Mokshesh Shah

    What for India users?

  • Sk Rashid Ali

    That’s only for US users