Google and BMW Tussle Over Domain Name

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Google and BMW Tussle Over Domain Name

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Reports suggest that Google’s new parent company, Alphabet might have encountered an issue with German automaker BMW. Apparently, BMW also owns the same name and the domain as and does not plan to sell it to Google anytime soon.

Image Source: New York Times

Image Source: New York Times

Yesterday Google had announced its administrative restructuring by launching Alphabet as a parent company above all other companies owned by Google. This move is said to have been designed, so as to, separate the core products from the far reaching projects such as Fiber, Calico etc. Alphabet was launched along with its domain name as

Reports also suggest that BMW is looking into whether Google’s Alphabet has infringed on its trademark or not. However, no legal action has been announced just yet. has been down due to increased traffic while it has been noted that BMW isn’t the only company with Alphabet as its trademark. Reuters has reported over a hundred companies in the Unites States with the same trademark.

While it has been suggested that it is necessary for companies to own the .com domain, it is not important for finding a company’s online presence. Larry Page has stated earlier, that Alphabet won’t be introducing products under its own name and that it wouldn’t be a public facing name like Google. So this might not be a huge problem for the new Alphabet, after all.

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    and google wins

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    Simple solution Google vl buy BMW :D :P :)

  • Nevin Joseph Morrison

    ABC.WTF U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Abhijith Manoj

    Um… Alphabet doesn’t need that domain, they have “”. It’s a top level domain.

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