Xiaomi Launches its Very Own Palm Sized WiFi Router

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Xiaomi Launches its Very Own Palm Sized WiFi Router

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Xiaomi seems to be on a roll. Along with the launching of the MIUI 7 for China and the new Redmi Note 2, they have released a palm sized WiFi router too.

Known as the Mi WiFi Nano, it is the third of Xiaomi’s router collection that already consists of the Mi Wi-Fi (for enterprise use), Mi Wi-Fi Mini. This compact router comes at the delectable price of Rs. 800 and features 300m 802. 11n network and comes with external PCB antenna.

Other specifications include a micro USB port that allows the device to be powered by a power bank. It can run for 30 hours while being plugged to a 1000mAh Mi Power Bank.The router is available in an assortment of colour options such as black, white, yellow, pink and baby blue.

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