Facebook Would Now Like to Become a Blogging Platform

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Facebook Would Now Like to Become a Blogging Platform

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Most of us may not know that Facebook did have a small ‘Notes’ feature back in 2006, where one could write longer statuses, pictures, articles etc. This feature got buried, when the Timeline came into being in 2011. However, with blogging currently being the hottest trend amongst college graduates and job-seekers, Facebook has decided to bring back its ‘Notes’ feature with a bang.

FB Notes 1

With Facebook now testing design updates for Notes; it is said that the new features include nearly full-width images without cluttered sidebars, and big cover images like Facebook profiles.

“We’re testing an update to Notes to make it easier for people to create and read longer-form stories on Facebook.” – Facebook

The new Notes’ sleek design caters to both business entrepreneurs, politicians, and other public figures alike. However, questions have been asked as to whether Facebook is willing to put the power of the feed behind it. With the design still being updated, it is yet to be seen, whether the new Notes gathers momentum and helps Facebook expand over the internet, even more than it already has.

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