Has Apple Music Already Been Declared An Epic Fail?

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Has Apple Music Already Been Declared An Epic Fail?

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Apple Music was set to become the next big thing.The thought of having millions of tracks available to stream, and that could be saved online, seemed like a recipe for success. However, a recent survey conducted by The New York Post showed that nearly half of the iOS users that enthusiastically downloaded the trial version of Apple Music have shockingly, stopped using it even before their trial period gets over.

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The stats revealed that 48% of early Apple Music users have given up on the service while 52% are still using it. Of those 52%, nearly two-thirds said they were “extremely or very likely” to start paying for the service once it starts charging them money. This survey was conducted by MusicWatch and if we do assume that those 52% are going to stick to their word then Apple Music should have 3.8 million subscribers once the free trial ends.

Not bad right? But MusicWatch managing partner Russ Crupnick said that it should’ve had a larger user base considering how many Apple loyalists there are, all over the world.

“In terms of benchmarking Apple Music, 40 percent of iOS users are buying digital downloads from iTunes, suggesting trial of Apple Music could be higher,” he explained.

However, Apple lashed back at these statistics via The Verge, saying that 79% of the people who’ve signed up for the service, actually use it on a weekly basis. While we would like to believe them, lets hope that their retention rate converts into actual paid subscribers, proving that Apple Music won’t be an epic fail, after all.

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Manu Abraham

I love it , just my type I guess , but yea spotify is much better

Shaikh Aftab

U0001f602 U0001f602

Vivek Ananda

You igyaan guys come up with the worst and most click baiting article headlines. Be professional guys. I stopped visiting your site after few disappointing articles with misleading headlines

Sathish Yadav

Yeah failure

Mohit Gupta

not impressing..spotify is many times better than apple music

Gaurav Sahu

Its a waste of money for me atleast … I like bollywood songs nd i am highly disappointed…

Vikas Upadhyay

To begin with, the logo is so stupid.