Google Partners With TP-LINK To Create A New Generation of Wi-Fi Routers

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Google Partners With TP-LINK To Create A New Generation of Wi-Fi Routers

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Google has created a new Wi-Fi router called OnHub that promises to “end your Wi-Fi headaches for good.”

Google OnHub

This router has been designed in partnership with TP-LINK and features:

“a unique antenna design and smart software” that “keeps working in the background, automatically adjusting OnHub to avoid interference and keep your network at peak performance.”

It also has the ability to scan available airwaves and find the best congestion while allowing you to prioritize some devices in a way that you can pick certain apps over others that are running in the background.

Reports also suggest, that OnHub can be managed via a smartphone app and can also tell you how much bandwidth your devices are using, allows you to run a network check and in case there is a problem with your network, it offers you suggestions to help.

One can order the OnHub router on Amazon, however it will be available at select retail stores in the coming weeks.

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  • Swapnil Adhav

    100$ phones are coming… And you want to show me this? U0001f601

  • Roydon PhilipDsa

    That’s so good to hear…. But prices will increase ….

  • Pavitra Shukla

    I like this new trend in electronics of making everything look like a trashcan

  • Chand Rath

    and at the end TP-LINK would part of Alphabet Inc. . .A=Andorid….G=Google….T= TP-LINK???? :P

  • Bilal Ahmed

    Haris Arshad

  • Chaitanya Kenjale

    200$ for router wayy too much