Report: Pre-Order the New iPhone 6s, 6s Plus September 11 Onwards

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Report: Pre-Order the New iPhone 6s, 6s Plus September 11 Onwards

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The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are both said to arrive on the 9th of September 2015. However, a leaked image from a company in France suggests that its employees can start pre-ordering the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, starting September 11th 2015.

iphone 6S rumour french

This new date also would suggest that the announcement of the two new iPhones should be on the 8th or 9th September, thereby further confirming rumours. According to these reports then, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus should be available from the 18th of September 2015.

These new devices are expected to come with a 12MP camera, an A9 SoC, 2GB of RAM, and the much awaited Force Touch. Apple, however, has not confirmed any of the rumours.


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    Ok I’ve been doing some study about when the Apple Keynote will be shown, and if I can go by September 2013 & 2014, the keynote this year should be on September 8th.
    For the past two years the new iPhone’s were released 10 days after being unveiled, so the iPhone 6S will be released on September 18th, if my study is correct.

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