Mobile Internet Services Banned in Gujarat Due to Political Disturbance

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Mobile Internet Services Banned in Gujarat Due to Political Disturbance

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Gujarat is once again in the news and this time even we have a reason to report why – the state has banned mobile internet services due to civil disturbances. These disturbances began when a certain Hardik Patel began demanding an OBC status for the otherwise economically stable Patel community.

As reported, Gujarat was plunged in arson and stone-pelting by members of the Patel community after the police detained Hardik Patel on Tuesday. A curfew had been imposed on three towns, while Ahmedabad has reportedly been faced with violent incidents, such as city buses and police posts being set on fire. The police resorted to lathicharge to control the situation.

Security has been maximised, due to the tense situation in the state. Schools and colleges remain shut while mobile internet services have temporarily been banned, so as to control or prevent any ‘rumor-mongering’ through social media.

This move is being highly debated and is raising a bundle of political questions about Hardik Patel’s demand. However, what is the difference between China and India if we’re going to now control information being shared on social media? On the other hand Gujarat has also previously seen communal violence escalating to an unprecedented level. What do you think of this ban?

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  • VTsl Spark Joshi

    but whatsapp banned in guj xD for some days cuz of violence -,-

  • VTsl Spark Joshi

    i use gtpl broadband :) its working here niguh :D

  • Kinar Ranik

    VTsl Joshi how do you explain this? U0001f602

  • Shubham Patel Skp

    Yeah bro.but broadband is working that’s cool for Gujaratis.but in some places what’s app is blocked.

  • Keyur Bhesania

    bhai look deeply, it’s political issue now, leader of rally is Advertising AAP in Gujarat. u know whom I talking.

  • Maulik King Lakhani

    Nice !

  • Arjun Raj

    get simple and easy programming code and algorithms in c and others….

  • Bhargav Chauhan

    Parth_305 igyaan better u check.

  • Bhargav Chauhan

    zandulal. tere jaise log afva fela rahe he -shoot on site ka order n all..yaha pe..isiliye high alert me kiya he.. illiterate hote to chalu rakhte.. samja ? ki detail me likhu.

  • Bhargav Chauhan

    social sites and messengers blocked.

  • Bhargav Chauhan

    they never asked for remove it..they want reservations .. jealousy .. they had to ask remove it and set reservations for those who actually deserves on needy from whatever community or cast they belong.

  • Shafin Rahman

    Lol….india U0001f602U0001f602

  • Born To Rule

    Stone age lol

  • Jay Desai Bharat Nagpal don’t name this political disturbance get ur facts clear .
    This is an #andolan against the #reservation .
    They should either give #patidars #reservation or #remove it.

  • Amey Deshpande

    Saurabh Choudhary

  • Sidhvin Sid

    A moment of silence for those who paid for a new data plan U0001f602

  • Debasis Modak
  • Shreyas Ka

    This is not a good sign.

  • Deep Kagathara

    Political disturbance? Seriously? Get your facts straight!

  • Anikét Singh

    Bhai, ghar kaa internet chal rahaa hai lekin mobile kaa nahi…

  • Syed Muazzam

    Yeah I know.. Raat 12 baje se dumm horaU0001f611U0001f611
    Bloody illiterate.. Kya proof karre ki internet connection kaatkr

  • Karan Sadarangani

    Syed MuazzamU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Tinku Mandal
  • Shravan Rais


  • Sid Tripathi


  • Sujay Modi

    M from ahm.. vodafone me or brodband chalu he.. U0001f600U0001f600U0001f600

  • Parth_305

    igyaan Shity News. False Rumors Igyaan. Better Check Twice Before Spreading Rumours.

  • Assad Khan

    Statistics show that in India, something gets banned every minute.

  • Ankit Patel

    mara net to chaluu hai me from rajkot (gujrat)

  • Rahul Kapadiya

    I am from Gujarat

  • MusaTheGeek

    igyaan definitely there is something worth hiding I guess. Why else will some turn of communication with the outside world.