LG to Reveal a Pocket-Sized Keyboard at IFA Berlin 2015

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LG to Reveal a Pocket-Sized Keyboard at IFA Berlin 2015

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With IFA Berlin only a week away, there is a stream of predictions pouring in. New reports suggest that LG has created a very new and innovative product called the ‘Rolly Keyboard’. This is a full-sized QWERTY keyboard for smartphones and tablets that rolls up into a stick for your convenience.

pocket keyboard lg

You can store a full keyboard and carry it anywhere in your pocket. It is smaller than a regular size keyboard and each key is 17mm. The keyboard is powered by a single AAA battery. It also supports bluetooth and is said to last for around three months before running out of power.

pocket keyboard lg  2

The keyboard is also said to be made from “durable” polycarbonate and ABS plastic and is expected to be unveiled at the IFA Electronics event in Berlin next week with the G Pad II tab. Lg has not released the cost of this product but has announced that it will go on sale in the US from September onward.

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Sunny Bhutani

but we are not ready to carry anything extra in our small pockets, a 5 inch smart phone is enough :P

Sabitri Modak

IFA Berlin

Jakir Joy

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