Xiaomi Set to Rip Off Samsung’s Smartphone Design

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Xiaomi Set to Rip Off Samsung’s Smartphone Design

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Xiaomi has made it no secret that it is ‘inspired’ by Apple’s design language. Across the Chinese company’s massive product range –  there are plenty of uses of white, mixed with the smooth silver aluminium finish. Now according to reports surfacing in China, Xiaomi is working on a smartphone with a dual curved edge display. Sounds familiar?


Samsung’s unique ‘edge’ design was first unveiled last year at IFA on the Note 4. The company introduced a one-of-a-kind design which stands out in the crowd for its unique screen, which extends and runs over onto the right side of the device. And if you’re thinking the curved panel is simply a marketing gimmick, you’re wrong.

The extended side screen is super functional as well – it has 7 scrollable panels which are customisable. When the smartphone is locked, the side-panel can be used to have a quick look at notifications and get faster access to certain features such as time and date display, flashlight, camera, messages and even a ruler.  Preferred apps can also be shifted to the side panel, frequent use of which will help users conserve battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 6

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ have also utilised this design.

According to the rumour, the upcoming ‘edgy’ Xiaomi smartphone features a 5.2-inch display with a 1440×2560 QHD resolution (565ppi). It is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 808, hexa-core CPU and Adreno 418 GPU. With respect to availability and pricing – it may arrive in October priced around Rs. 26,000 (approx.) Xiaomi is not the only one, it has been reported that LG is also working on a similar design.

 Xiaomi has made it its business to bring high-end products at affordable pricing. The effort is appreciable by millions using their products, we’re just not sure if Samsung will be too happy to hear about this.

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  • Jonathan Keith

    Hey it has two edges not one not a copy

  • Amaan Ansari

    Møhð Ar?l??? i dont need xiaomi for hating samsung

  • Møhð Ar?l???

    if you will use xiaomi then you will also start hating samsung

  • Amaan Ansari

    Xiaomi user lol :p

  • Dipanjan Nickname

    I like to call them ‘room heaters’ .
    Cheap Chinese brands can never compete Samsung.

  • Gaurav Gupta

    weird design ever this one

  • ?b?ù ??åh

    Nahi yr yeh sach hai. U0001f604U0001f604

  • Ronald James

    One way to get people’s attention

  • Zain Naeem

    Ye bai chuss U0001f602U0001f602U0001f601

  • Zain Naeem


  • Kumarasammyraja Paramasivam

    Samsung already copies mi note pro design in note 5

  • T 4 Tech

    its gonnna be awsome waitin for it peace out tech blogger

  • Chandan Barma

    everybody copy so whats new.

  • Abdul Wahid Khan

    Nafisa Neymar expensive phones doesn’t really have to be the best. Xiaomi offers the same specs that are on a 40-50k phone for a mere 20k. Companies like Samsung charge you double for the brand. If you are smart. Xiaomi is the best value for money brand. If you want to follow the herd. Samsung and apple are your choices.

  • Sai Ram Mateti

    Only xerox machine copies.

  • Ænik?t

    Xiaomi mi edge

  • Sayantan Nath

    LOL.. #Ibrahim_Bin_Ahmed

  • ?b?ù ??åh

    Zain Naeem U0001f628U0001f628

  • Mithun Dolui

    Wat about edge bro

  • Brijesh Gupta

    Respect that Xiaomi got from consumers with the quality cheating, I believe it’s high time for the company to start funding money into new ideas and being original. It’s never late you no?

  • Ibrahim Bin Ahmed

    Lol .. going for low budget that wht u will expect from low budget people

  • Chirag Rathod

    Copying. . but still better than ‘SameSung’

  • Tanay Joshi

    First release upgrade for kitkat to lollipop in mi note 4g n then release models.. First work on small things

  • Noble George

    Geet Shrivastava : If you get to know what I mean!!
    Hint: Tapered rear edges!

  • Noble George

    Note 5 I mean!!! -_-

  • Geet Shrivastava

    Yeah I remember Samsung starting like what 3 years back and Xiaomi is in the market since what 2 decades? Right?

  • Pankaj Pahuja

    Geet Shrivastava the ultimate U0001f602

  • Vaibhav Negandhi


  • Sarfraz Khan

    Vaibhav Negandhi chck dis out

  • Rinkesh Shah

    Nt me..but u sure r sum1 whos all vella who stays there to listen such ppl

  • Kunal Mehta


  • Deep Lathia

    Siddhesh Dighe Yash Thakur :’)

  • Sayantan Nath

    S6 edge just a cheap rate phone. You try note 4 then talk.

  • Raj Mohanc

    Samsung already copied design elements from xiaomi note for note 5..den y can’t xiaomi???

  • Geet Shrivastava

    Innovation just died a painful death here :)

  • Rafay Shareef

    Faria Faiz

  • Geet Shrivastava

    You’re the same guy who also attends & chants East or West Lalu is the best in his rallies no?

  • Dorjee Dadul Genxapa

    link doesn’t open.

  • Jafar Iqubal

    Samsung need to take rest from releasing same model high priced phones. people need products in minimal price not like samsung or iphone,

  • Jeet Singh

    Xiaomi rocks
    Samsung shock

  • Debarghya Ghosh

    If antic says iPhone 6 plus and Samsung S6 edge+ are the best phone, well, they don’t have any idea about phones.
    I have personally used iPhone and found it nothing but hype. Same for S6 edge.
    Those are nothing but show off machines.
    You can get better performance in much cheaper phones.

  • Møhð Ar?l???

    xiaomi doesn’t need to copy anything it try it’s best I know it don’t have app drawer and it is quite like apple but it doesn’t need to copy the sucking, laggy, waste samsung ever

  • Noble George

    Samsung Note has got design cues from Xiaomi Note!!!! -_-

  • Suresh Sharma

    Nice smartphone by xiaomi

  • Krishna Aditya


  • Nandamuri Manikanta

    How can u say it copied if it does apple will rip off xiaomi dont make false acquisitions

  • Prashant Rawat

    Haha im reading this via a Mipad .. which is a rip off of i pad .. what an irony

  • Tejas Solanki


  • Rahul Nash

    what can you expect from cheap company

  • Keshav Sakthi

    Any more doubts Piyush Lavhe

  • Keshav Sakthi

    The mi note has a front and black glass panel with metal to the sides and glass curved to the back the s6 edge is like a reverse of that with Samsung’s curved display up front mi note release Jan 2015 and s6 and s6 edge release March 2015 @Piyush my life is tech I’m not biased to xiaomi and my knowledge need not be doubted by the likes of you

  • Sai Skanda


  • Sai Skanda

    Rude… But this is a rumor for now… Let’s see…

  • Jackson Jolly

    Try using their flagship devices and then comment. S6 edge U0001f497

  • Nafisa Neymar

    its your opinion nd your choice…u like xiaomi thats good..nd i dnt like cuz its my choice

  • Vshu

    Ha Xiaomi copied and told yu personally right?:D why don’t you say Xiaomi cloned it? Atleast Xiaomi is something better and developing. Samshit remains the same. :3 #still hail Xiaomi

  • Gaurav Pandey

    So you belive such horrible photoshop, also Mi Note and Mi Note Pro design can be seen in S6+ and Note 5 too.

  • Ankit Singh

    Great News :D

  • Ankit Nag

    lol that concept had been out long time ago.. After that only Samsung released the edge.. So enough with the trash talk.. -_-

  • Nafisa Neymar

    oh really so xiaomi copied s6 edge model design…huh such an idiot xiaomi thats wht copy samsung Vshu

  • Aehraz Parvez


  • Moaziz Zaki Syed

    Bc xiaomi maar lega sab ki

  • Binny Singh


  • Raja Das

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  • Prashu Radha

    Krishna Ganesh

  • Aman Arora

    they will do it better than samsung because they are the king of softwares …

  • Vshu

    Samshit ! ever seen a budget phone with good specs? Xiaomi took the world in a pinch. Sam is gone lone back with his same binary model devices. I bought a note3 and people asked is that an Grand2? Lame isn’t it. Hail Xiaomi

  • Azhar Muhammad does galaxy a8 has wireless charging or fast charging option?

  • Rizwan Patel

    Aehraz Parvez Moaziz Zaki Syed

  • Raju Radhakrishnan

    I read the line written below not the one above… If you miss the word copying, there is a diff in meaning… @Ujjal – Re-check your english interpretation skills on the the line below…

  • Revanth Kaushik

    Let’s get into a healthy competition bro U0001f62e
    YU team

  • Jenix Ryuu

    samsung device is worst than any other..its not worth to compare with xaomi, lenovo, asus …

  • Rohit Singh

    Don’t compare xiaomi to samaung

  • Ujjal Das

    Just say it.. Cant afford samsung.. Say it.. Why going after design and laag. 0% lag in note 5.. Best screen, premium quality. What else do you need? Just say you can afford we will unserstand… XD

  • Ujjal Das

    English. Do it.

  • Piyush Lavhe

    I doubt ur knowledge

  • Saurabh Sharma

    lol, read the sentence again.

  • Vivek Vanpartiwar


  • Attentive Rana

    Samsung is the most nice smart phone….. Georgia’s & looking fine…

  • Maddy Vishwas Joshi

    shamesung…! :v -_- :P :D

  • Mukul Taneja

    Samsung needs to go to court for the patent…like apple does

  • Madhan Kumar

    Such a lame cmnt!

  • Abhishek Mailurkar

    U0001f446noob nafisa

  • Aqib Parwez

    Their product quality is very good but new design will definitely attract new customers.

  • Sathish Yadav

    this design looks ugly

  • Moin Hasan A Kadri

    Definitely need to agree with you

  • Nafisa Neymar

    im using iphone 6plus nd galaxy s6 edge so just back off you moron Sohel Sardar

  • Sohel Sardar

    LOL u don’t know anythings about smart phones :P

  • Nafisa Neymar

    Sayantan Nath plz use s6 edge the best smartphone….

  • Sayantan Nath

    #Sarthak_Gugnani Samsung’s all phone designs are pretty same. Taht’s why Its freaking bad.

  • Sarthak Gugnani

    Viren Belwal though I hate Samsung for its lag but you have to agree that their innovation and design is pretty good.

  • Sayantan Nath

    Samsung is The most f***ing lagging phone ever I seen. The better world is those new brand. Asus and lenovo also best.

  • Wahid Parvez Bappy

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  • Raju Radhakrishnan

    I didnt get this… After apple? When did Apple copy Samsungs phone design?? I thought the other way ….

  • Keshav Sakthi

    The s6 edge is already inspired from mi note and this design doesn’t even look real. please post information that has some backing I saw this render 4months back

  • Jasleen Sourav Singh

    samsung should be called hangsum

  • Viren Belwal

    that’s why the graph of Xiaomi is increasing day by day & graph of Samsung is decreasing day by day …. ya u r ri8 there is no comparison between Xiaomi & Samsung #hang #machine

  • Rinkesh Shah

    Xiaomi is definitely need to copy samsing

  • Govind Gupta

    But YU is the best #igyaan

  • Faizan Nawaz

    Hossain Rameez Raj :D

  • Faizan Nawaz


  • Nafisa Neymar

    samsung is samsung..dont compare…xiaomi is a pathetic phone yuck

  • NarenUBi

    Misleading title. Click bait. Title and content connection? I’m not able to find it.

  • RaJesh RaJan

    Vinish Vijayan kuch soocha hai iske baare mai :P

  • Tashi Phuntsog Lachungpa

    Aww looks awful….

  • Rishab Bhardwaj

    u r right