Yu’s Upcoming Smartphone ‘Yutopia’ Expected to Come With 4GB RAM

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Yu’s Upcoming Smartphone ‘Yutopia’ Expected to Come With 4GB RAM

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We’ve already reported that Yu Televentures is back with another announcement of a new phone that will be launched on the 8th of September. Now, we also know what it’s going to be called – the Yutopia.


Now, considering the fact that it is part of the YU series, the smartphone should be more or less within the mid-range. Yu had pleasantly surprised its users with the Yu Yureka Plus that was priced at Rs.9,999 with all the right specs.

If reports are to be believed, Yutopia will be competing with the OnePlus 2. This means it will come with higher specs and thereby a higher price. But, do not fret, since it shall still be within the mid-range phones.

YU Yureka Plus 6

Further leaks also suggest that the Yutopia will come with a 5.2 inch FHD display, which will be powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa-core MSM8994 SoC. As far as storage capacity is concerned this smartphone is expected to come with 4GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Apart from all this leaks also suggest that the Yutopia might also come with a 21MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera with a price tag of $315, which is approximately Rs.21,054. This price tag is perhaps not so ‘mid-range’ as we might have expected it to be, however, we must note that these are mere leaks and speculations.

Yu has already started sending out invites for its ‘the next wonder’ – Yutopia, that is set to launch on the 8th of September (just one day before the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus). So, watch this space for more details and updates about the new Yutopia. Let’s hope it’s as ideal as its name suggests.

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  • Anurag Modani

    Bach ke rehna re baba ,Bach ke rehna

  • AbhishekGautam

    Well, this phone will also have NFC, and new C-Type Cable to cgarging and  data transfer and hoping the dual flash in camera too

  • Ajay Vasudev

    Why is Rahul sharma clinging on to the “YU”thing. It would be ridiculous to see a company releasing phones with yu names only.

  • Shoukat Ali Pardesi


  • Ivan Roy

    With overheat and worst after sale service!! YU must be banned due to worst after sale service in lots of state

  • Rohan Arya

    Flagships don’t come with poor hardware, software and heating issues bro.:V

  • Rohan Arya

    YuShit :3

  • Kaushal Jhobalia

    Link not working, another room heater….YU must solve battery drain and heating issues otherwise they will have shut down the company…. Lol..

  • Rohan Unawane

    phones r quite good but heat a lot…..solve it #yuplaygood

  • Rajat Kaushik

    And a roomheater killer

  • Jigneshg003

    igyaan YUplaygod already in love after yureka and yuphoria..its gonna be fun waiting

  • Omkar Nagvekar

    Is it yutopia or yu5050

  • Debasis Modak

    Best Team

  • Vishesh Koul

    Shailendra Raina Another One… Yu are killing it.

  • Sabitri Modak


  • Dorjee Dadul Genxapa

    ya.. Please check the link. It doesn’t load.

  • Alok Chakraborty

    its must come with hitter..plz solve your heating and battery drain issue then launch new device @ YU

  • MD Ayatullah


  • rahulrdeo

    igyaan your website is down I suppose giving database connection error.

  • Atul Uttekar

    Link not working

  • LáZy Bøì

    And I thought it will be yuphoria plus !

  • CrazyIyaps

    igyaan When started using smartphone it was difficult to get 4gb of ROM …..! YUplaygod

  • Sujoy Sarkar

    price at 20000-25000/-

  • Sujoy Sarkar

    price at 20000-25000

  • Naveen Nani

    Yutopia! lol… sounds good…

  • Pirtpal Singh Jackman

    What does name mean?

  • Jishnu Prakash

    I have a yu phone till now no problem with it

  • Johneph Sukham

    yu phones i mean

  • Arindom Das

    Soon Yu will run out of names starting with “U”. iPhone vs uPhone :P

  • Arindom Das

    Did you buy it already?

  • Aarsh Dave


  • Luvk1412

    igyaan YUplaygod ugly name :/

  • Niel Kankaria

    Market todse aa

  • jdnrocks

    igyaan YUplaygod not a good name at all

  • Paresh Rajput


  • Aarsh Dave

    Niel Kankaria, Keyur Kansara : Made in India with snapdragon 810U0001f60d

  • Sayyed Mohsin Ali

    Will be a flagship killer coz it will come w/ snapdragon 810 and 21mp cam

  • Jeet Singh Sandhu

    Battery k bare b kuch socho bakwas company :/

  • Johneph Sukham

    worssst phone ever

  • Vivekvadodaria

    igyaan YUplaygod 21k is much more for a typical YU.
    Should be always not more than 15k.

  • Pravin Bade

    don’t think to buy this phone