OnePlus to Host an Open Sale for the OnePlus 2 Soon

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OnePlus to Host an Open Sale for the OnePlus 2 Soon

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Ever wonder why OnePlus follows the annoying invite system? It’s actually a smart business move by the company. It is there to ensure that their company takes strong and steady steps forward. Thanks to the system, OnePlus only manufactures enough inventory as the demand.  While at times the demand may be higher than the supply, their supply will never overpower the demand. They said it was their solution to managing risks. And for such a young company, that is one of the most important things they need to think about.

However, the same system is a tiresome ordeal for potential customers. With the launch of OnePlus’ second flagship, we had hoped that the company would be better prepared this time around. Unfortunately we were mistaken. It seems like everyone is waiting to get their hands on the product, even after a month after launch. OnePlus has admitted there is a reason for that.

I’d like to apologize on behalf of OnePlus for the delay. To our fans, sorry. We were equally excited when we saw your excitement around the OnePlus 2. We know how it feels waiting and waiting for something you really want, while being given ETAs that go unfulfilled.

In a blog post, Co-founder Carl Pei acknowledged that they messed up the launch of their product. He apologised to the fans, partners and collaborators for the delay in rolling out the product. He said the reason for the delay was a young “inexperienced team” managing cash flow, inventory, supply chain and production. To make up for it, the company will be hosting an 1-hour open sale sometime this month, or early next month.

There was no word about the specific countries for the sale, but since OnePlus considers India as one of the first tier countries, we needn’t worry.

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