11 Hidden iOS 9 Features That Everyone Should Know

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11 Hidden iOS 9 Features That Everyone Should Know

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By now most iPhone and iPad users must have updated their device to the new iOS 9. With the update users would have also found some changes and features that are brand new.

We recently spoke about a few of the more visible changes that came with the new update. Today, we’ll look at some other new hidden additions that you might not have noticed as yet.

Drag and select multiple pictures

iOS 9 Photos

Now, before you start thinking that the multiple select option already existed, we are not denying that. But now with the iOS 9, users can select multiple photos from within the Photos app more easily. After you tap on “Select” you can hold and drag around your finger to select as many photos as you wish without having to select every photo individually. Along with this is the ability to hide multiple photos at once.

Siri can now recognize your voice


If you like to command Siri from a distance when your iPhone or iPad is on charge then you can enable the Allow “Hey Siri” option in General > Siri settings. However, this is not the new feature we’re talking about. Now, when you newly activate “Hey Siri” on iOS 9, you’ll be taken through a couple of steps which requires you to speak aloud a few sentences so that Siri can recognize your voice. Once you’ve finished the steps, Siri will now be able to recognize you and will respond to your voice when you say “Hey Siri”.

Siri has a new audio wave



Not only has Siri become smarter, but it’s groovier as well. The audio wave that shows up when you talk to Siri is now a lot more colorful and way cooler than the simple, old white colored waves. This little change does a lot more for the aesthetics of Siri rather than functionality. It’s simply a fashion change for Siri and we’re loving the new look.

Quickly call and message people via Proactive

iOS 9


Have you tried swiping right on your Home screen yet? You’ll find a new Siri Suggestions page with a search bar on top. Siri has indeed become more useful than ever. Type the name in the bar and you’ll find multiple options such as message, call, or mail for that person. This is also a neat way of finding emails of the person without having to search for it in the Mail app. Siri suggests just about everything you would want to find.

Hidden iCloud Drive app


You can now have an iCloud Drive icon on your home screen. The setting is switched off by default at first, so you’ll have to enable it by going to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and turning on the “Show on Home Screen” option.

Silence Siri using Ringer (mute button)


If you don’t want Siri to talk and would rather just read the info text on screen, you have the option of muting it by simply flipping the Ringer switch. To activate it, you need to go to Setting > General > Siri, click on Voice Feedback and switch from “Always” to “Control with Ringer Switch”.

Quick Reply for almost all apps


iOS 9

You can now Quick Reply for most third-party messaging apps. Earlier you could only Quick Reply for Mail and stock messenger, but now you can pull on the notification you’ve received from mostly any third-party app (including Twitter) and the option to quickly reply will be available.

Larger multi tasking screen


When you double click the Home button, you’ll find that all your active apps are larger and more easily readable, taking up a good amount of screen space so that you can see what’s showing on the app without having to open it. It’s the little things that make life easier.

Audio app suggestions

iOS 9 Lock Screen


When you plug in your headphone into the jack, you’ll notice that the music player opens up automatically in your lock screen or suggests the audio app you are most likely to use in the bottom left. The suggestion is not only based on the app you use most but also takes factors such as location into account.

Search through Settings


If you have a particular setting in mind that you want to change, you don’t have to look through the entire Settings app. There is now a search bar on top of Settings where you can type in a particular query (e.g. “Mail”) and everything matching that query will appear in a list below.

Wi-Fi Assist


Another helpful addition is the Wi-Fi Assist option that is enabled by default once you update your device to iOS 9. This feature is for situations where your mobile data may be more powerful than your Wi-Fi. When enabled the feature will switch you to mobile data if your Wi-Fi connection shows some trouble.

Along with our previous post on iOS 9, we’ve covered quite a few new hidden features, and yet the latest update offers a whole lot more. Keep exploring and tell us what new feature you’ve discovered in the comments below.

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  • Dipanjan Nickname

    Random crashes and boot hangup..
    Also a hidden ios 9 feature :D :p

  • Shreyas Ka

    Very true, this channel is not interesting like before.

  • Shreyas Ka

    First let the update work without crashes!!

  • Chantay Teamcutty Jones

    I love freedom but I also love stability.
    Apple isn’t for people who want free;!its for people that want dependency.. Love apple but the #IOS9 isn’t for me U0001f618

  • Ch Ahmed Azeem

    Thats awesome …

  • Devagya Awasthi

    It would have been the best if android wasnt there and this was 20 th century

  • Devagya Awasthi

    ^for show off :-P

  • syed virasat ali

    ios 9 is awsome ………..

  • Dharmik Joshi

    Did i heard that right??? They r calling it hidden features of a just released os??? Its just out now.. So all features r new for users. Call it new features of ios 9. Hidden.. Lolz.

  • Sourav Roy

    I know but it’s almost the same as iOS 8.4.1. Small changes only

  • Sourav Roy

    I use my iPhone only for its portability and smoothness
    For everything else I have my Note Edge

  • Rhutwik Inamdar

    Sourav Roy you might probably know this already.

  • Sourojyoti Ghosh

    Igyaan has become as useless as ios9 itself. U0001f61dU0001f61dU0001f61d

  • Bikram Singh

    Hahahaha.. You are calling them features ? Hidden Features ?
    They are all useless.
    Useless to select multiple photos when the only action you are gonna perform is “delete”.
    It doesn’t matter if siri recognizes your voice when it still can’t do what you expect. Useless to make a call, set an alarm from a distance when phone is on charging. It will only makes you look like a fool. And to compensate the uselessness of siri they tried to entertain with intuitive wave graphics.U0001f602 U0001f44e
    Paused snapshots of app switching mode is also useless. It doesn’t matter whether they look small or large when the only purpose they gonna serve is to switch to that app.
    And it will only reduce the battery backup if phone keeps looking for quality of connection between cellular data and wifi. U0001f602U0001f44e
    Apple fans are blind. They are trapped into the mindset that ” apple is the best”.
    They dont know that freedom is priceless.

  • Anirudh Gunda

    These features already exist in Android from ages !!! What’s the use in buying an outdated smartphone ???

  • Navin Rochiramani

    Sorry Satishji, but I don’t agree with you. Apple is the best..

  • Sathish Yadav

    For this we can’t sell our kidneys, Android is still better