Watch: BlackBerry’s First Android Phone Caught on Video 

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Watch: BlackBerry’s First Android Phone Caught on Video 

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Baka Mobile has done a hands-on video on the new Blackberry Venice. With its release dates still unknown, speculations are being made about how it couldn’t be far now that someone has had the opportunity to review it up close.

Baka confirms the presence of a physical camera button, volume rockers and a smart action key, along with a front facing speaker grille and a microSD slot. Blackberry once again brings best of both worlds in its keyboards, which like the Passport, boasts of a biometric sense touch. Scrolling through documents and long web pages just became so much easier. Unlike older Blackberry handsets, the Venice has an equally distributed weight across the screen and the keyboard.

Tap-to-wake, Blackberry Hub, Blackberry Device search, and Google Search are some of the cool new additions the gadget possesses. For a closer look at the Venice, check out the video put up by Baka Mobile below.

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  • Hussain Lakhankawala

    It’s BlackBerry Venice..

  • Pranav Patel

    This is the last chance for blackberry….. Give it all u have …

  • Sefat Mahmud

    It is the blackberry..

  • Zain Ahmed Khan

    Absolutely spectacular O.O

  • Satya Prakash

    price 1 lac

  • Sabare Thiyagu

    When it is launched in India and what is the price???

  • Mohammad Faraz

    Kidney demanding… U0001f602

  • Arindam Sarkar

    what a bakwass design.. :/

  • ??? ??????

    Jaldi akal a gayi bb ko.

  • Rahil Pariswala

    BlackBerry with Android nice

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