Companies May Start Manufacturing 5G Smartphones From Next Year

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Companies May Start Manufacturing 5G Smartphones From Next Year

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With 4G gaining speed slowly here in India, we’re already looking at the possibility of 5G coming sooner than expected. There is no doubt that the next step to fast, wireless network is 5G. The question is how quickly that may happen. Though it is highly unlikely that 5G would be introduced by next year, it will not, however, it has not stopped smartphone makers to prepare for it.

The whole idea behind 5G comes as a ‘what can we add’ when looking at 4G. 4G connections tend to drain battery life in a flash and 5G would look to solve this by making it more energy efficient.

So far Bharati Airtel is the only operator to have launched 4G in a broad scale since it initially launched it on 10 April 2012 in Kolkata. Since then, Airtel’s 4G services have spread across the entire country.


Bharati Airtel revealed it has faced problems in Delhi due to the spectrum cap. The problem currently is the need for more spectrum. The operators in India need more spectrum to improve quality of not only internet services but to also reduce ‘call drops’. This is a deficiency which can only be fixed by the Indian Government and TRAI.

The recent spectrum auction held in March saw Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular, Reliance Communications and Reliance Jio Infocomm as the big winners, with Bharati Airtel and Reliance Jio already planning big launches of LTE using 1800 MHz as the primary band. However, limited spectrum is slowing the growth of 4G. This will also delay 5G services in India, whenever it does begin to roll out.

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Sourav Choudhary

No Stable 4G here and they are talking about 5G..:P

Bikram Singh

Instead they must work on to improve battery life on 3g/4g

Ashish Bhatnagar

Companies are out of their minds!!!!

Rahul Gahlawat

Korea has it bt that ws jst exp

Sajjad Zulphekari

I use 5rs/day 2g packU0001f602

Ayush Shakya

Hahaha 4g aya ni but 5g phone agaye

Tapan Bhanot

Lol I hope you’re not saying that about Android.

Sandip Barot

W still in between 2G and 3G. Forgot others.

Abhilash Chipkar

Still using 3G with 2G speed and 4G prices.

Umer Umi

what speed will be of 5G ???? AND does any country already have this ??