Xiaomi is Officially Working on its First Laptop

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Xiaomi is Officially Working on its First Laptop

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Xiaomi is moving onto bigger things. The Chinese company is now working on its first laptop, according to reports. Since the company’s inception in 2010, Xiaomi has grown rapidly to become the fourth biggest smartphone maker in the world. The company is looking to create the same magic in the laptop game. The notebook is being manufactured by Inventec.

Xiaomi has made an impact in the smartphone market by selling near-premium phones at budget prices. But whether the company will use the same formula for its first laptop is a different story. “I am not sure if the smartphone approach will be applicable to notebooks, but I expect Xiaomi’s entry into the notebook industry to bring something new to the market,” said Inventec chairman, Richard Lee.

Leaked images of Xiaomi’s laptop were moving around as far back as December 2014, and it showed a very Macbook Air-ish design.

The leaked pictures of this laptop uncannily resemble the Macbook Air. Who knows it may even be called the Xiaomi Air when released.

The leaked pictures of this laptop uncannily resemble the Macbook Air.

Lee also stated that Xiaomi’s first laptops will start shipping in the first two quarters of 2016. “I am upbeat about the business outlook for Xiaomi’s notebook computers, as the firm has more than 200 million registered smartphone users,” Lee said.

The company recently launched the China-only Mi 4c smartphone and introduced the Mi Mobile service in China with which the company is looking to compete against other Chinese-based carriers.

Though the news of Xiaomi’s new notebook was made official on Wednesday, rumors of it have been circulating much before. Bloomberg reported earlier this month that Xiaomi’s first laptop is likely to be in the range of Apple’s Macbook Air, thereby stating who the Chinese company is planning to compete with. We will have to wait till next year to confirm the authenticity of those images.

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  • vnmehta11

    They should be banned in India as they sell there left over devices here even at higher price as compared to other market.

  • Debo Dutta

    tune to dil pe baat le li

  • Debo Dutta

    ok cool :D

  • Piyush Lavhe

    And it’ll look like a MacBook for sure!!!!

  • Praveenkumar Elangovan

    Hotpan in our palm already(mobile) …. Hotpan. will be in our lap.. arriving.. osm osm… :(

  • Royston Pereira

    I wouldn’t like to change my laptop every year keeping in mind the files i have and then having to move over to new devices…i would prefer spending a lil more and getting good stuff…my principle of technology is – Value For Money. U0001f44dU0001f3fb

  • Jay Sharma

    Lol Yea.. But with these one can change laptops every year and still can save more money than buying a Mac :P

  • Royston Pereira

    Many companies do copy apple at a lower price but it wont be durable and long lasting

  • Jay Sharma

    Royston Pereira MacBook Air Copy, What say? :P :D …That too at a lower price

  • Surya Menon

    please make it 1TB SSD please please

  • Santosh Yadav

    Pankaj Shaw laptop lena hai na tujhe..

  • Samir Sadee

    it will be a flop…

  • Suraj Kumar Giri

    Hello, Xiaomi mi4c with SD 808 at rs 15,500(approx) and Xiomi mi4i with SD 615 at rs 15,000.. You cant do this to say india is your important market but you have not launched mi4c in india.. Why xiaomi?indian MI fans want explaination.. You can sell sd 808 and sd 615 at same price.. Atleast reduce the price of Mi4i. Your fans are turning into angrybirds…I am yet a MI fan but now i know why people dislike mi.. Indian mi fans wants an explaination…

  • Bikram Singh

    Now i suspect that this company is funded by apple to kill android and windows based devices U0001f602. They are copying apple and apple is not reacting. U0001f61c

  • Rodney Shuttleworth

    Who needs yet another laptop ?

  • Sourabh Vashistha

  • Teresa Balhou

    there crap and don’t buy nothing from this company

  • Rajatridick

    armanmalik2526 igyaan xiaomi never they can’t launch any mediatek base device in india unless they accept ericsson trams

  • Shivam Sharma

    Omg!!!!! My dream laptop is coming at afoordable prize…

  • Rajdeep Singh Bhatia

    And in India it will arrive in 2018

  • armanmalik2526

    igyaan xiaomi

    When launch Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 in india

  • Tanmoy Dutta

    Abhishek Roy now watch this..!