YU Yutopia With 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 810 to Release Next Month

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YU Yutopia With 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 810 to Release Next Month

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We had earlier discussed the possibilty of a smartphone named Yutopia by YU launching in India. Instead the company had gone ahead to launch the low-budget Yunique. Now we’ve got confirmation from the brand that the earlier discussed smartphone would arrive with 4GB RAM in tow.

YU, which is a Micromax-owned smartphone manufacturer based in India, is all set to launch its first high end smartphone next month. YU Yutopia is expected to go on sale next month, being the first of its kind since YU launched its three smartphones, entry level YU Yuphoria, followed by YU Yureka and YU Yureka Plus, all three powered by Cyanogen OS.  Let’s see what the upcoming smartphone has to offer.

yu yutopia

YU Yutopia

The YU Yutopia will be made available in three colours – white, black and gold. It will boast of a 5.2-inch display, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage with an expandable microSD card, along with pre-installed Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and Cyanogen OS on top of Google’s operating system.

The phone would be equipped with 64-bit octa-core processor and a Snapdragon 810 chipset. Dual SIM connectivity and 4G LTE would be some of its other features. As has been the case so far with all other YU phones, Yutopia would be available exclusively in India. Details regarding shipping would be known only after the phone has been officially launched. The Yu Yutopia will come with a price tag of Rs. 21,499.

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  • asunkara

    Next phone would Yu Uthenasia… begging competitors to do it… The service of MMX/YU suck big time. They put out such good products an paper and screw it in everyway possible in reality.

  • SanjanaKumari

    19900 for 3gb ram and 32 GB internal
    And 22990/23990 for 4gb ram and 64 GB internal

  • SanjanaKumari


  • SanjanaKumari

    Its under clocked because of heating issue in snapdragon 810 processor, its worth 19900 and 22990
    Because everything they are using in this phone is branded, so its a steal, but it will be tough to get this phone because of the invite system as of one plus.
    It Wii be released in last of November.

  • SrikarPakala

    Will the phone have a fingerprint scanner

  • AkshaySharma1

    r u serious…dnt u people know the meaning of Yutopia..or say utopia…it’s

    an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

  • AkshaySharma1

    NaveenKumarBGowda R u serious..i won’t talk abt mmx earpiece..but Yureka’s stock earphones were too good…even after 9 months of use…..they are working fine as new….. yeah battery sucks….but thats not hardware issue…that cyanogenmod os bug…need to fix it…if it can be fixed…battery backup nd charge speed is all good…its a software bug ya know :3 !!!

  • AkshaySharma1

    Then that would have sounded same as “Micromax Unite” then…they avoided it for a reason i guess…..whatever we say…Yu and MMX are same parent’s child :D :p

  • AkshaySharma1

    damaisantoshh an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

    meaning of utopia..or say Yutopia here….
    if people ask u for its meaning after u tell ur phone’s name..believe me my frnd…ur frnds…or the one asking are dumb nd illiterates…. :D utopia is a rather old word…..used in alot sci-fi movies too…
    Yutopia name is killer…yeah YU after sales services suck…but the hardware and specs are mind blowing…. :D m happy with my Yureka…..lucky i guess ^_^

    nd yes Yutopia is a #killer_name

  • Rushabh Mahant

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  • umang sonare

    waitnig for its launch

  • HarshaChaitanyaGoud

    shivamkrishnmails nice satire  i cant stop my laugh

  • Sirajuddin H

    even the specs are good… i hate this name -_-

  • Shivansh Tiwari

    The price should come toward 18,000 mark to beat up all the competitors

  • umang sonare

    complete flagship killer

  • Clement Elisha John

    Wow Price Tag.. 21,499/- Great!! Wil it Compete Wit Nexus 6p ??

  • Dhanush Pallikere

    Wonderful Hemanth Checkzz II

  • Rupeshrg

    leaked Specification and benchmark score Yu5050 are amazing just need to wait for
    the device to officially release.

  • SanthanKumar

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  • Rosan Lakra

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  • Muktar Hosen

    How much this one ???

  • Nishitsinh Rana

    What is the price

  • Ankit Garg

    Bhai even my yuphoria has hardware problems, now am i that one in a million guy who got the defective piece, uh.

  • Parth Bhuta

    give a call to yucare, they have door step service

  • shivamkrishnmails

    NExt will be YU Yurine

  • Saheb Jaiswal

    YU Worst Company No Service Center… The Service Center List given On Their Website Are fake… i can prove.. Yu Can Contact Me My Friend Bought Yu Yureka His Charger is Not Working from last 1month when we send mail to their customer they said to take photo send that to us.. then they said check your USB wire.. and now not replying… product is good but its like a use and throw Pen take It But No Gaurantee/Warranty… Cheaters

  • damaisantoshh

    It should have been You Suck

  • Govardhan CoreLogic Mane

    Well if mmx nd yu can solve tht problm then tht wud be a great achievement.

  • Swapnil Adhav

    Enough with the YU crap

  • Albert Anne Dragneel

    next would be Yu Gandu :3

  • Joshwin Aranha

    i thought it was gonna be named YuKnight or something

  • Mohit Wanyalkar

    Look at the comments doe xD

  • Paras Jasal

    Saw it yesterday *-*

  • NaveenKumarBGowda

    Even, Yu Yurekha was a superb phone. But micromax and Yu have such poor voice call earpiece and such a waste battery. Always makes ppl look elsewhere..

  • Govardhan CoreLogic Mane

    Might as well call it punani(Google it)

  • Bhavik Patel

    Exactly. Don’t be so judgemental. Just because your yureka had problem doesn’t mean they manufacture bad phones. Let’s wait and see

  • Ankit Garg

    Obviously, there is one or the other hardware problem with these phones, let’s see, too early to comment

  • Bhavik Patel

    Btw. I don’t think it’ll be that appealing as oneplus 2 is.

  • Bhavik Patel

    Yeah saale dekha mai isiliye toh tag kiya tujhe.

  • Ankit Garg

    Next phone is a flagship from YU, called Yutopia Bhavik Patel

  • Simranjeet Singh Bindra

    Sale all #yureka series n take #Redmi 2

  • Sangeet Devan

    costly hey …

  • Riishu Siinha

    winter is coming as so is the heater!!!! :p

  • Kaushal Jhobalia

    another room heater on the way

  • Kaushal Jhobalia

    Lol, congratulations on your heater

  • Abhishek Rajbhar

    expected price 21k

  • Abhi Nemade

    Price ???? abhishek rajbhar

  • Abhishek Rajbhar

    Mayuresh Awalegaonkar palanning to buy this

  • siddharth100986

    igyaan try 13000 best price rahulsharma

  • Adithya Gota

    it will help you in winter :P

  • Shubham Pawar

    Aakif Reshamwala bc!
    Op2 got competition

  • Sahil Shah

    What is the price

  • Salaah Qureshi

    You get a phone and frying pan all in one.

  • Babar Khan

    Big heater coming soon. Stay tune :p

  • Pritesh Purohit

    Seems Good but price is too high

  • Dhanush Pallikere

    Hemanth Checkzz II wonderful

  • Govardhan CoreLogic Mane

    Finally aftr such low specs for sooo many years(hated it) does India get a Killer specs phone, frm a company atleast related to an Indian Brand, nice. Will definitly buy.

  • Omkar Nagvekar

    That means no more hunger for one plus 2!!!

  • Ashutosh Tharwal

    Hope, the design of the phone would be standard and high quality.

  • Kawaldeep Singh

    Bttr to use sd808…i dnt wnt my fones to burn evrytym i use is heavily..

  • Jagadish Jake

    Awaiting for the beast

  • Maddy Vishwas Joshi

    Next is what?? Yu Yurine? :v -_-

  • Venkat Vinay Bangalore

    SD 810, Seriously!!!! :-(

  • Amith Raj

    This company would probably run out of names :) :P

  • Nevin Joseph Morrison

    YU Yunani medicine for the burn wounds from YU phones

  • Kaushal Jhobalia

    Another heater…. Coming soon… Might be another room heater…

  • Dipanjan Nickname

    This nomenclature is getting worse day by day..
    Next time they’ll launch #yu_yuropia in India instead of launching it in Europe.

  • Ankith Rai

    Next YU Phone will be Yuganda

  • Saurabh Sharma

    Yutopia? why do they have to give weird names to their devices everytime?

  • Divyansh Kulshreshtha

    Seriously, they don’t know how to keep the names of their products.