Deal Alert : Get the iPhone 6 For as Low as Rs. 37,488

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Deal Alert : Get the iPhone 6 For as Low as Rs. 37,488

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Lo and behold, Snapdeal is letting buyers get iPhone 6 for as low as Rs. 37,488 for the 16 GB variant. This is followed by the 64 GB version at Rs. 45,999, and Rs. 63,344 for the 128 GB variant. The price is so low thanks to the Cash back deal being offered to SBI debit and credit card users. Considering the fact that the 16GB version of Apple iPhone 6 was initially launched at Rs. 53,500 in the country, while the 64 GB  and 128 GB versions were priced at Rs. 62,500 and Rs. 74, 000 respectively, this is a major price cut.

It is not uncommon for older versions of phones to witness a drop in price once a new flagship comes out. Similarly, post the launch of iPhone 6s, the drop in price of iPhone 6 isn’t surprising news. The price had began to plummet even before the Apple event on 9th September this year in San Francisco.

If you have been eyeing the iPhone for a while now, this is definitely your chance to grab the opportunity. Knowing how erratic the market as well as the tech world are, it is not likely for these prices to remain low for long.

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  • Vinod Essrani

    I want to order one iphone piece for my self
    How can i ?

  • Subir Karmokar

    nare akhon na

  • Tushar Kanojia

    Can u sell me

  • Tushar Kanojia

    Buy second hand iPhone 5s in 15k

  • Zafar Shaikh

    Just 3700 ? :P

  • Pacific Boy Tanveer

    Subir Karmokar kinala

  • Claudia Stan

    Cump?r?-?i produsele Apple în 24 RATE F?R? DOBÂND? ?i prime?ti contravaloarea unei rate sub form? de Card Cadou!

  • Murtaza Rzv

    Not officially launched…all stock imported from other countries thats why sales are high … Iphone weekend sales are for end consumers…most of the sales made by sellers

  • Chetan Malik

    is it worth to buy iphone 4s at 13k

  • Aditya Shastri

    Nikhil Rungta le le le le iphone6 le le U0001f61b

  • Saurabh Mehta

    JaSsi Bajwa bhai dekh jara

  • Sahil Khurana

    Tune b toh 52346 diye the mai bola kuchU0001f615

  • Ashmeet Sethi

    61 bc jutha khuranaU0001f610

  • Sahil Khurana

    Saaley maine toh 64 diye theU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 upar se toot bhi gayaU0001f602U0001f602

  • sandeepiroy

    igyaan yuk, #snapdeal gives you Thumbs Up instead. Your 6s pricing projection, just got trashed :))

  • Sajjad Zulphekari

    I can’t use a phone with 16gb of space :)

  • Ashmeet Sethi

    Sahil Khurana U0001f610U0001f610 bc bloody 58k U0001f612

  • tusshar44

    igyaan I don’t trust snapdeal !U0001f61d

  • Shahzad A. Sheikh

    Muhammad Hussain ya dekh :p

  • Humayun Khan

    Im selling it for 16k OK?