Google Brings Out the Android-Powered Pixel C Tablet

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Google Brings Out the Android-Powered Pixel C Tablet

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Pixel C is the newest Android tablet on the block released at the official Google event today. The device is the result of an attempt to put together something where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, claims the company.

The device is a 10.2-inch tablet that has a display and resolution of 2560×1800 (308) ppi. The screen is capable of sensing when to employ the physical keyboard and when to opt for touch. The GPU is Maxwell with an NVIDIA X1 quad-core processor. It operates on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and boasts of far-field voice recognition with the help of four microphones in the device.


Battery life can be checked with the double tap light bar in the gadget. Google promises regular updates on the device’s software and apps post its release.

Yes, it all sounds lovely, too lovely to be palatable, and therefore it’s time to mention the price. The tab is priced at $499 for the 32 GB version and $599 for the 64 GB version. The keyboard is an additional accessory costing $149. Looks like Google too has gone the Apple way and has refused any relief of a lower price to the buyers.

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  • Siddhart Kumar

    Ishit gyaan mml ishit ko bharat lode

  • Prasoon Kumar

    Can i know the reason why pixel c is overpriced

  • Pankaj Sharma

    ‘i’Gyaan Apple’s Fan boy

  • Zohaib Tareen

    To save you the trouble of reading the article :
    499$ 32gb
    599$ 64gb

  • Sunny Kalra

    Abhishek Balwani Lakshay Thakur :D

  • Spandan Guha

    because only idiots and blowhards buy apple products, a sane person would never buy an apple product….simple as that nonetheless this Pixel C gonna suck as well

  • Dharmik Joshi

    I never saw igyaan headlines saying Ipad launched with a disappointing price tag.. Then y so with google???

  • Govardhan CoreLogic Mane

    The price is perfect Bharat , chane ke daam bechna chahiye tha kya?

  • Prasanna Sai

    they never complain for the price of ipad pro and everyone is after google tab?