Xiaomi Set to Unveil Mi5 with Helio X20 SoC on October 19

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Xiaomi Set to Unveil Mi5 with Helio X20 SoC on October 19

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Xiaomi is all set to launch its next-gen flagship phone, the Mi5, at an event on October 19 in China. The company announced the event on Weibo. The event may also see the launch of the rumoured Mi Band 2.


From what we know so far, the Mi5 will have a Helio X20 chipset and will not come with the Snapdragon 820 as production of the chipset has been delayed. Other features expected in the Mi5 include 5.2-inch Quad HD (1440×2560) AMOLED display, 4GB RAM and 16/64GB of Internal storage.

The Mi5 is also rumoured to sport a 16MP rear camera with dual LED flash, 8MP front camera and a battery of 3,030mAh capacity. A fingerprint sensor can also be expected as many new devices are now coming out with the feature. The expected price of the Mi5 is around 1,999 Yuan (Rs. 20,500 approx.)

You can also expect some news regarding Windows 10-powered laptops and tablets from Xiaomi. Earlier, the company stated that it would start production of its laptop in the first quarter of 2016. Follow this space for more on Xiaomi’s event.

Update: Sorry folks, it turns out the Mi5 will not be unveiled on Monday. The company denied the rumours on Weibo.

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  • Pranav

    Another heater box version i5U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Ñiyàs Ràhmàñ

    No, it isn’t.

  • Ramnghahsanga Joute

    mtk x20 does not heat like sd810

  • Ramnghahsanga Joute

    mtk helio x20 is better than SD 810(iron heater)

  • Shubhi Bihani

    Anurag Kaushik seeee

  • Sudhir22Kumar

    @Author : Correct yourself it has been confirmed that it’s not Mi5 launch ! check your facts once again

  • Balu Rajeev

    Display size is not enough

  • Rishabh Bhatti

    helio series is mediatek’s premium serious…no heating issues with HTC one Me….bharat himself said its better than snapdragon 810

  • Ayush Rathee

    And jab ache marks hoge first sem main to hopefully mil jaygeaU0001f602

  • Ayush Rathee

    Bhai Feb tak aa jayega paisaU0001f602U0001f602

  • Vidit Bhomawat

    I don’t think Mac ke baad teri maa tujhe yeh dilaygi. U0001f602

  • Uday Tekumudi

    digital cam is launching not Mi5…

  • Ayush Rathee

    Vidit Bhomawat finally :P

  • Karthik Kamisetty

    Itz that issue with Sony, why note 3G was discontinued

  • Amogh Wagh

    Lel, heating issues mate. It was already rumoured that it might have this or a higher sd proccy

  • Saurav Bv

    Now don’t tell the opposite way :(

  • Amogh Wagh

    Everyone is ditching snapdragon

  • Amogh Wagh

    But helio x20 is a powerful chip

  • Mufazzil Zargar

    whats the matter with mediatek

  • Saurav Bv

    Amogh no snapdragon ??? :(

  • Shivam Pandey

    808 Can’t Compete Helio X20

  • Shishu Sharma

    they will launch indian version with most likely snapdragon 808 on it

  • Harjeet Singh

    uske 8 co founder ne mana kr diya hai ki mi5 nahi launch hoga 19 oct ko……

  • Jamil Ahmed

    Mediatek MI5 only for China good going xiaomi and money maker hugo

  • Fahd Lumina Mille

    As long as it’s below 2000 yuan, I’ll buy it.

  • Amol Sapkal

    No update any xiomi phones like nexus and moto

  • ashoktvm

    igyaan They have denied the rumors

  • Ganesh Bhanushali

    Get Mi4c to India n see how your market share increases !!!
    Mi5 thn can be placed higher up in the flagship category…

  • Shrish Singh

    fc*king mediatek processors U0001f620

  • Shrish Singh

    competiting with #Meizu #MX5 & #one_plus_two and #Zenphone 2 4GB variant. :P

  • Shrish Singh

    i think you are preparing to sell #MI3

  • Ankit Sharma

    fake news…No MI5…..

  • Manish Kumar

    Mediatek? Means no kernels. They messed up with the kernel of note 3g and redmi 1. They are gonna mess it up again.

  • Velakaturi Sai Kumar

    CEO confirms no mi5 on 19!! Mi pad expected

  • Arun Sharma

    #Xiaomi India MTK BAN
    *cries in corner*

  • Zubaer Alam

    Yeah . good luck with your heater!

  • Pratap Ravindra

    Desperately waiting for it.

  • Prashant Agrawal

    Meizu m2 ka review de do yr

  • Naman Saxena

    Xiaomi on FIRE !!!

  • Jugal Gala

    Mediatek=shité. SD FTW

  • Gaurav Sharma

    Abhishek Sharma le bhai….

  • Mudit Singh Choudhary

    No its not about mi 5 or mi notebook

  • teja2495

    igyaan just read somewhere that its not they’re not releasing in that event?

  • Shivam Pandey

    Wtf Mediatek Means Mi5 will Not launch in India…