iPhone 6s Gets a Lukewarm Welcome in India

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iPhone 6s Gets a Lukewarm Welcome in India

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We reported how the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were getting phenomenal amounts of preorders in the USA, but the Apple wonder seems to have left its sparkle in America itself. India hasn’t taken to the iPhones too well as the opening weekend response has been tepid.

The devices managed to sell only 50,000 units out of a total of 165,000 (which is thrice the amount that was available last year).

iPhone 6s and 6s plus igyaan 6

The phones were launched in India on October 16th and it is highly likely that customers are either waiting for the price slash or it could also be because India is literally the most expensive place to buy the latest iPhones and that we would rather do without a hole in our pockets, that too during the festival season.

We can only watch what happens next and see how Apple manages to redeem itself. Till then, Samsung anyone?

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  • Prayuj Prem Khemlani

    Oops, *not only

  • Gowtham Gunashekar

    Sales have recieved lukewarm response here only no!?

  • Balwinder Singh

    Okay report hai yr

  • MK Singh

    Yes you are right.

  • Kushagra Pandey

    Pagal thodi na hai ki 62k ka phone lenge 53k was good now it’s just dumb to buy a phone with a cost that high!!

  • Prayuj Prem Khemlani

    People commenting here, it’s only expensive in India ._.

  • Prajyot Singh

    Even if they manufacture in India, there won’t be a price difference from current prices

  • Sachin Balan

    Yeah i wish India could make it in Future. Thanks for reply. See Ya !!!

  • Prithvi Raj Chauhan

    iPhones are manufactured for like 15K btw :3

  • Sachin Balan

    Price is Too HIGH in India. Just because we don’t manufacture it in India.

  • KishanKothari

    Be in ur limit amit

  • Kartikay Sharma

    Now they sold their soul to the devil U0001f608

  • Makarand Salunkhe

    these idiots keep that phone expensive than any other country.. they missed the train like nokia.. west’s attitude towards India Today
    being a state where you can rob is echoed from this.

  • Ravi Darade

    they already sold their first kidney for iPhone 5 & second for iPhone 6. now they have none :p

  • Pradeep Deva

    Brand Pirates-Apple ! Every day is not Sunday !

  • Kishan Kothari

    Sony z5 premium vs apple I phone 6s vs apple I phone 6s vs Huawei nexus 6p vs HTC butterfly 3 vs Motorola DROID turbo vs HTC m9 + vs LG g4 vs Motorola moto maxx which

  • Jays Aak

    No Money no iPhone

  • Joshwin Aranha

    though im seriously confused between Nexus 6P & OnePlus 2, i occasionally give a thought to buying an iPhone, but then my mind be like, “seriously dude? ” xD

  • Joshwin Aranha

    ^this comment lmao xD

  • Rizwan Azad

    Agree Vishal Maheshwari. Design looks a bit boring, no OIS and low resolution camera is a downer for me. And the price too.

  • MK Singh

    The stepmotherly treatment of apple with we Indians regarding prices of iphone 6S & 6S plus should not be tolerated & we should bycot the buying of these two phones because they are double priced for we Indians thinking that we are fools . The same phone is available in all over other countries in worldwide at just half of the INDIAN prices fix by the iPhone maker’s.

  • Vishal Maheshwari

    6p not worth it

  • Rishi Sgh

    Getting my 64 Gig straight out of US next month.. super excited.. as Diwali gift!

  • Debashish Pramanik

    Yes. But neither Gionee, Lenovo…nor MMX provides regular UI updates.
    Only ASUS does !!!

  • Mayur Agarwal

    According to a teardown report from research firm IHS, the components and manufacturing cost of a 16GB iPhone 6s cost Apple $250. These people are selling it 4 times that at around $1000 in india.

  • Amogh Ambekar

    apple store price tough… yaa it is available more cheaper at e commerce websites…

  • Sourav Goyal

    36999 on amazon

  • Sangeeth K Murali

    also gionee is a good brand

  • Rajan Singh

    At 1 lakh price…only a few takers :) :)

  • Yashwanth Sam

    @igyann @Bikram One can start another igyaan for the price of iphone6s.. By buying above rig!

  • Kalpesh Jain

    what else do u expect from the price it is launched at ..

  • Bikram Singh

    Iphone 6s = no downloading, no sharing, no multitasking, no dual sim, no spare parts. Buyers spent a higher price and then pretend that they are enjoying the experience.

  • Rizwan Azad

    Hardware wise Nexus 6P lacks in some department, like no OIS, lower resolution camera, and SD 810 might not be as good as S6’s Exynos processor. Nevertheless the software experience on 6P or any Nexus device is always top notch.

  • Sajjad Zulphekari

    Add 3k more and get yourself a nexus 6p

  • Saurabhbesoya

    igyaan :’) hope in Power to reason over fanaticism prevails U0001f496U0001f497
    I love android coz it ws my everything in student days, a small PC at 8000

  • Anoop Prasad

    India is a common man’s country…they get better Android and Windows smartphones for half the price of iShits… U0001f60f

  • KishanKothari

    Ur grammar is dam good na so be in ur limit

  • Ayan Chakravorty

    Indians are mad about iPhone but are not fools. Why pay 20k extra as compared to other countries??

  • Debashish Pramanik

    People should go for Huawei Nexus 6P.
    Even, ASUS Zenfone 2 (4 GB RAM) model is comparatively better choice.

  • Debashish Pramanik

    If only Apple Inc. could’ve managed to do their homework, without any help or cheating by presenting some new innovative features like they did by showcasing Siri in 2010 with 4S.
    But, instead they enjoy copying and stealing data, technology from Android, Java, .Net Platforms…even from Researchers!

  • Rizwan Azad

    At around 37k Samsung Galaxy S6 is a way better choice. Gorgeous screen, beautiful design, excellent camera, a better and improved TouchWiz, 32 GB as the base model and an average battery life.

  • Rohit Kumar

    too costly better to buy nexus 5x

  • Yashwanth Sam

    One plus one + Nikon 3200 + mi smart band + manfrotto tripod + Lenovo flex 2 touch laptop = iPhone 6s.

  • Amogh Ambekar

    they charged 10k extra -_- it was meant to be at 52k since iPhone 6 is now available at 44k… rose gold is even more costly 72k just for the color bad move apple U0001f611

  • Kishan Kothari

    Sony z5 premium

  • AmitMajumder

    KishanKothari Shame on your Grammar!!! -_-

  • Ved?nt Matta

    I’d better get 3 Nexus 5X

  • Sourabh Gadge

    Why are the prices so high? Wasn’t the same last year.

  • KishanKothari

    Wt us the use of 4k video recording suppose if u record a video in 4k u need 4k laptop aur 4k TV to see it useless features apple I phone 6s doesn’t have HD display no ios battery to small no video stabilisation and Wt is the use of 4k display is there contact available I love to watch hind serial movie song and u cannot browse YouTube in 4ksony z5 premium doesn’t have ios shame on sony

  • Anik Sarker

    My fevarit is company apple but money problem ….

  • At least Indians understood stupidity of Apple

  • Vikas Upadhyay

    May be people don’t want to buy the stolen technology

  • TheMukeshJha

    igyaan it’s just because of Apple pricing. In US no change in price compared to last year but here in India U0001f62cU0001f62cU0001f608

  • Aparana Sharan

    Tooo fkn expensive U0001f625U0001f625

  • Akshay Ballal

    One needs either excessive disposable money or zero brains to buy iPhone 6S

  • Tanuj Kapoor

    92k for a phone U0001f632U0001f628U0001f601U0001f602