Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Concept Images Reveal a New Realm of Innovation

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Concept Images Reveal a New Realm of Innovation

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How does a brand behind the S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ continue to innovate after coming out with curved displays that blew its competition away? Of course, we’re talking about Samsung here. We all know that the company is working on its next flagship, the S7. And every little detail about the upcoming phone is welcomed by tech enthusiasts all over. The biggest question on everybody’s mind is how Samsung is going to better itself with the S7.

We have already seen a curved display on the side. So perhaps it’s only logical that the company might curve the screen from somewhere else. How about the top and bottom for a change? Some concept images posted by 3DFuture on its blog show what could be Samsung’s next design. And it looks as sleek as it does futuristic.

Samsung S7 Concept

Samsung has filed design patents and folks at 3DFuture have released images based on those patents. There is no guarantee that the S7 Edge will follow this design, but visuals are always welcomed. The image above and below reveal a sleek, sharp design where the edged display take the top and bottom position now. The concept also shows no hint of a home button while the volume buttons on the side remain intact. The rest of the design with a full metal unibody oozes style and luxury.

Samsung S7 Concept 1

While you take a few minutes analysing the images, we would also like to let you know about other rumours going around. It is likely that Samsung is working on a 3D Touch feature that will be seen in the upcoming flagship. The concepts also support rumours of a fully metallic unibody. Other features could see a 5.8-inch display, UHD resolution, 4GB RAM, and Snapdragon 820 chipset and Exynos processors for East Asian markets.

Samsung S7 2

We will bring you more details on the Galaxy S7 as it comes. Let us know what you think of the concept design in the comments below.

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this concept is quite old fashioned, we want new flexible display galaxy s7 next year as mentioned at hmm…

Prashant Kaushik

Obviously like an iPhone. #Copycats :v

Adnan Ahmed

They are make same look phones again n again
so i dont prefer it :/

Alfaisal Mahmood

great hai lakin fake

Anmol Ahmed

Kitny ka hai

Omi Alam

S6 ar price koto

Sajjad Zulphekari

It’s a fuxking concept… This is not how it’s gonna look like

Aman Arora

this is fake …

Saurabh Sharma

QHD is specified as 2560×1440 pixels at a16x9 aspect ratio… qHD is specified as 960×540 pixels at a 16×9 aspect ratio, qHD is one-quarter full high definition or 1080p’s 1920 x1080 (FHD) resolution…. and UHD (4K) is 3840×2160.

Syed Quamar Iqbal

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Sharath Chandra

Qhd is 4*720p UHD is 4*1080p.. this is what i know.. correct me if wrong.

Bikram Singh

No it will not look like that

Mandeep Rajput

Hey, wats diff bw QHD & UHD screen ..?
Any body tell me ..?


i think ive seen  a blackbery of the same design concept, and still ugly samsung Front face.

Rajan Singh

Woow….looks great….wanted to pre-book now had it been possible! :) :)

Parth Garg

Back ugly U0001f61f front U0001f604

Md Ali Saifi

Look cool.its slim…