HTC Exec Defends One A9’s Design: “It’s Apple that Copies Us”

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HTC Exec Defends One A9’s Design: “It’s Apple that Copies Us”

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HTC unveiled the One A9 a few days ago that brought a whirlwind of criticism for its apparent iPhone rip-off. There is no doubt that the One A9 is basically a slightly cheaper iPhone clone, at least in terms of design. And while HTC knew what it was getting itself into with its newest device, the company’s executive has come out with a statement in defense of the One A9.

HTC One A9 02

A senior HTC executive said that it was in fact Apple who originally copied one of their designs for the iPhone 6. “We’re not copying. We made a unibody metal-clad phone in 2013. It’s Apple that copies us in terms of the antenna design on the back,” said HTC’s North Asia President Jack Tong.

The phone being referred to here is the HTC One M7 that came out a year before the iPhone 6. While it is true that the iPhone 6’s metal unibody design has certain likeliness to the M7, what Apple has done is create a phone that looks uniquely their own, just as HTC did with the M7 to M9 phones. Have a look at 2013’s One M7 below.


The One M7 was truly a beautifully crafted phone. It had a full-metal unibody design with a curved back and dual front-facing speakers. The company continued this design with the M8 and M9 as well, and rightly so. The iPhone 6 did copy some elements from the One M7, there is no denying that. Apple has done it before and will do it again.

It is a fact that companies borrow inspiration from each other almost always. But what doesn’t sit well with the new HTC phone is that the company has not even tried to make something different here. The HTC One A9 looks like the new iPhone 6 and 6s in almost every way.

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  • Ankush Dhingra

    Truly agreed! U0001f44c

  • Santy Ojha

    If you don’t know about anything its better to be quiet girl..

  • Ratnadeep Gaikwad

    You must be kidding me, where were you when the IPhone 6 launched.

  • Ratnadeep Gaikwad

    That is absolutely true, Apple did copy HTC. And everyone felt that way when the IPhone 6 launched but soon forgot about it because it’s an IPhone and everyone loves an IPhone.

  • Somin Wadhwa

    They invented copying! :P

  • Abhishek Gupta

    Well…. Apple did copy first

  • Srikanth Jamadagni

    Actually apple copied LG’s prada design

  • Damini Bhattacharya

    Tara Reid check this out … some wanna be brand trynna compete with the global brand of the year … and look at all these comments … good thing is .. apple doesnt even care about such people..

  • Santy Ojha

    Yeah very true indeed

  • Debashish Pramanik

    Swapnil Adhav i was referring to Apple’s design in General. Wasn’t particularly pointing out One M7 with iPhone 6 Or One M9 with .
    Believe me i certainly understand the feeling 1 gets in being an Android user.
    You get Competitive, even jumpy sometimes. And i agree to that, Coz, the feeling’s quite mutual !

  • Syed Saif

    Ok dude…did u ever saw htc m7/8 ? Iphone 6 design copied from m7 and m8

  • Ashutosh Tharwal

    Yes, that’s true… People forget the design developed by hTC… Current Apple design is derived from hTC M8.

  • Abdul Ahad

    Apple is this kid who gets mad at anyone else succeeding. It’s honestly pretty disheartening to see what Steve jobs made fall this hard and bad.

  • Swapnil Adhav

    Sir! The M7 and iphone6 resemblance is not enough for you?

  • Abhishek Panchali

    Go home HTC, you’re drunk!

  • Nazim Khan

    DJ WALE BABU MERA BOT CHALADO :-D [ LOVEPREET ? Nazim ? khan ] iGyaan.i n [ BOT BY LOVEPREET SINGH ? Nazim khan ]

  • Debashish Pramanik

    Dear hTC, even we Android users don’t like iPhones as Apple has been constantly copying Data, Stealing Features from other Platforms like Android, .Net onto their iOS every year.
    But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have brains at all.
    Design is the only thing, which Apple is Best at !!!

  • Sanjeev R Aher

    HTC:- Hired To Copy :-D

  • Shubhang Kumar

    What nonsense :p

  • Sajjad Zulphekari

    You spelled kashif wrong

  • Subhajyoti Golui

    Yup Apple copied or defiantly got inspired from One M7.

  • Santy Ojha

    I think im very positive on view of HTC’s point because apple copied them..
    HTC who started that design..
    And apple just fighting everyone it was Samsung
    Now HTC.. Maybe in future Sony or LG will be also in apple’s list they just wanted to create monopoly in the first place..

  • Kashif Hasan

    Go home htc. You are high on weed

  • David Suhas

    The fighting started