Vodafone’s Free 100 MB Data Has Got to Be the Lamest Diwali Freebie Ever

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Vodafone’s Free 100 MB Data Has Got to Be the Lamest Diwali Freebie Ever

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Just when you thought things in the country couldn’t get any stranger (to use a safer word), we have been proved wrong one more time as Vodafone chooses to take randomness (once again, playing it safe) to a whole new level. In a very unusual turn of events, the company is offering a 100 MB of data for free to all its users all over India.

Vodafone says in an official statement, “At Vodafone, we are driven with the singular objective of delivering superior experience to our customers.”

Sorry, what? Next time if there’s a brainstorming session for ideas of Diwali free gifts at Vodafone, hopefully somebody comes up with something probably just a tiny bit more useful like – better customer service where the company representatives actually manage to solve the user’s problem for a change, or better network coverage which doesn’t require the user to perform all sorts of acrobats to get a single bar of reception in their device, and what’s up on the 4G front, folks? How about offering something that truly helps your 188 million ‘valued’ customers in the country? Take a look at re-volt to get a better picture of what we’re trying to say.

Vodafone Diwali freebies got us excited like.

Vodafone Diwali freebies got us excited like.

Unfortunately, Vodafone is already glorying in the extra 100 MB of data they are going to be handing out to their customers to realise how badly they have missed the mark. The “special” offer, as Vodafone fondly calls its problem child, will be available to all Vodafone customers on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. They can avail it by SMS-ing ‘DIWALI’ to 199. Do let us know how many extra selfies you manage to exchange with all this free data.

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  • MuhammedTahir

    SonuXxX Karthik calling Karthik

  • Nelson D’souza

    100 gb free de kanjoos

  • Bikram Singh

    Its Lame Ratan Dhan Paayo U0001f602U0001f44d

  • BhavikPatel1

    LOL im switching back to AIRTEL

  • Yash Anil Hastak

    Ajinkya Thakre Yash Ghorpade 100Mb free dera vodafone…

  • MohdAnas

    lame article..

  • Abdul Kalam

    Yes even i m also thinking to jump or port to #Docomo

  • Midhun Vijayan

    looks like fellas got lotta bandwidth to download entire YouTube content #DigitalIndia.. LMAO

  • Vishal Khedkar

    At least they’re giving something for free! U0001f602U0001f602 I never heard anything like that from Vodafone. They provide an excellent service, but their costs are high too.

  • SonuXxX


  • SonuXxX

    Wait U R me,
    Who R U?

  • SonuXxX


  • SonuXxX

    my daily usage itself is more than 1 gb -_-

  • Abhishek Padlekar

    Harmish check this !

  • Tapan Bhanot

    Jumped ship few days back and glad. Ported to Docomo and getting up to 5 mbps on 3G.

  • Rohit Adsur

    @pakav offer :-)

  • Ajith Jadeja

    its true friends

  • Dipanjan Ray

    100MB only! I use this amount of data per minute. :p

  • Emptiness Jayanta

    Sanjoy Bauri Chek this

  • Prayuj Prem Khemlani

    Meh, I have Wi-Fi.