Android Safer Than iOS According to Reports

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Android Safer Than iOS According to Reports

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The mythbusters are back, and this time one of the all time popular myths regarding iOS has been busted. According to a new study, it turns out that iOS isn’t as malware-proof as people have come to believe. In fact, reports suggest that Android is safer and more secure than iOS.

The study carried out by Checkmarx and AppSec Labs claim that Apple’s ‘wall garden’, that is the App Store, is filled with apps that have greater percentage of critical or high severity security vulnerabilities when compared to Android apps.

According to the report, a critical vulnerability is defined as one “that exposes a major security risk with a direct exploit (not needing user involvement). If exploited, the security threat might cause major damage to the application and/or have major impact on the company.”

Here’s what the claim means for everyone. Firtsly, it breaks the image of iOS being regarded as the most fool-proof operating system. Secondly, it also means that there is now no safe operating system out there as all the major players are now on the same boat. Of course, it was only a matter of time for a report such as this to come out. Hackers do tend to target big names, especially ones that claim to be unbreakable.

“With more than 1.5 million apps available in the two main app stores, Apple and Android, and hundreds of billions of downloads to date, the mobile landscape has quickly become the main playground for hackers and attackers.”


As the reports suggest, 36 percent of Android apps were found to be potentially critical or highly severe while a surprising 40 percent of iOS apps were deemed critical, crushing the common misconception that iOS is a safer platform.

There seems to be some credibility to this report, especially after the recent news that a popular app on the App Store, called InstaAgent, has been leaking Instagram username and passwords and sending them off to a remote server as well as publishing unauthorized images to users account without their consent.

Checkmarx’s Amit Ashbel explained to GeekTime that most of the security flaws are the result of vulnerabilities in developers’ code. “The mobile application industry as a whole is lagging behind on secure coding best practices,” he added.

Well, that’s one less thing for iPhone users to brag about now.

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  • Vaibhav Jain

    Who is checkmarx bro? The one who is giving these reports hahahahaha ….it can never be safe..have u ever seen antivirus app for doesnt have ..check the google play store..
    HENCE PROVED ANDROID IS SAFER U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 Umang Jain

  • Ashutosh Ashu

    Bhai kaun si report kanha ki report.. Sb pharji hai ye

  • Hari Shanker R

    Njaan athraykk android hater onnum alla ketto… My backup phone is a Moto X, and I just bought a G4 for wife :D

  • Rahul Nath

    BTW i didn’t read this post by iGyaan.. just tagged you when i came across the title of the article.. :-D

  • Hari Shanker R

    Oh my… There we go again :)
    I’d like to reiterate my stand – I never said iOS is superior to android (or vice versa for that matter). The point I wanted to make was that an operating system (or a handset) is a matter of choice. Not everybody is happy with using iOS as much the number of people who hate their droids. Each man unto his OS. There is no clean victor in this ‘OS war’, that’s all.
    But, since you mentioned malware, I’d love to listen to your take on this. :)

  • Kevin N Khushal

    If you don’t have a iPhone you don’t have a iPhone!!

  • Saju Thomas

    Good one! :D Made my day!

  • Paritosh Datta

    That’s why I love Android solo much thanks for knowing me

  • Brâåñdt Kåt?jâå

    Trust me i wont go to andriod back…! Had such a bad experience of just 1 month..!

  • Mahesh Bandari

    Things change as software updates

  • Amtul Wadood

    News can be anything U0001f61c..I phone is still better U0001f602..Andriod is better too U0001f61d

  • Ch Zohaib

    Ahahahha :D really?

  • Ashraf Ahmed Khan

    HAhahaaaaaaa :P :D I am sharing this (y)

  • Ratnesh Pandey

    but it doesn’t lack,aur mere ko hack karke kisi ko kya milega Prabhakar ji……

  • Umang Jain

    Hahahahaha Vaibhav Jain you are gone. Apple fan huh !

  • Anant Dagwale

    Mahesh Bandari.. So much for security.. Lmao

  • Bhavyam Parashar

    Come on man..m using android dad is using apple..n apple is the best..n u know it..u r just being unreasonable..

  • Salma Fatima

    iPhone is anytime better U0001f61c

  • Moiz Bhatti

    Get lost iOS is better only in hacking and games
    But you iOS can not battle against
    Android camera
    Your iOS half GB ram
    Android 1 2 3 GB ram
    6 GB ram in s7
    IOS lol

  • Romeo Sarpanch Khant

    jiasa bhii hai iPhone ki ress kar rahy hai android wale

  • Faraz Mughal

    Iphone user don’t know how much android is good

  • Pratik Deepak Shah

    Which reports suggest Hemang Priyank Shah

  • Mark Braxton

    Seriously. I move to IOS because my previous android phone have problem and most of it is my photo keep on disappearing 1 by 1 and day by day.

  • M??åv SÏ?gh

    Haha.. Edr v a gya tu.. Jaa kehde oye jaa

  • Prithvi Raj Chauhan

    iOS has more bugs and security flaws than Android :P

  • Piyush Pati

    How irony in that sentence!!!android is safer…

  • Tapan Bhanot

    Is this joke of the year or something ???

  • Yuta Miura

    It’s iOS. Your grammar sucks :)

  • Prashant Kumar

    Mnu vi android laena pau hun

  • Karan Nair

    Ok its easy to say that but can u tell how apple sucks

  • M??åv SÏ?gh

    Android users knew this for years U0001f60e

  • Angaddeep Singh

    it also means that there is now no safe operating system out there as all the major players are now on the same boat. Of course, it was only a matter of time for a report such as this to come out. Hackers do tend to target big names, especially ones that claim to be unbreakable.

  • Moiz Bhatti

    IOS sucks
    Android rocks

  • Parth Garg

    Bro I love android.. But the truth is truth

  • Faisal Rahman

    Haters gonna hate…….

  • Faisal Rahman

    Huh……even if Android gets infected. Antivirus app to the rescue which apple app store does not have

  • Rajdeep Pal

    Fake….thats totally on favor of android…

  • Maddy Vishwas Joshi

    Henbom Rina :-P

  • Kaizaad Banaji

    Wat do u say ;) Floyd de Mello

  • Mayur Dhaka

    Why r u consecutive doing this to me…

  • Saurav Bv

    Don’t Like if u or u heard anyone got a virus or malware in an android device…. BTW I have heard many getting malware in a ios device

  • Ahmed Ali Shah

    GHzan KhAn Heh!

  • Rajeev

    Never heard 98% ios devices infected of Malware. whereas android or is a weekly routine.

  • Prithvi Raj Chauhan

    As if ios is very secure U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Prithvi Raj Chauhan

    As if ios is very secure U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Kartik Ml

    That report must be written by RaGa! #Dreams #iosforver

  • Amit Pharande

    Smelling Burn here from iOS Fanboys :p

  • Moid Malik

    Keep dreaming android fans !!!!

  • Don Varghese

    windows is safer than these two….

  • Akhil Badguy

    Neva.. it attracts virus and stuff

  • Siddhant Sharma

    Vikas dekhle !!

  • Mvkss Sandeep

    Emad Sharieff see this :D :D Joke of decade

  • Abhishek C Raveendra

    Windowsphone : Chill up people , am much secure than you and dont ruin me via Project Astoria and project Islandwood

  • Supreeth Bharadwaj

    Of course yea its built with linux

  • Kavit Vichhivora

    Atleast safe on the wallet U0001f61b

  • Parth Garg

    Why joke in the morning?

  • Rahul Gahlawat

    Nw wt will apple users brag abt?

  • Yash Garg

    Mayur Dhaka this should make your day. Haven’t even dared to open the article lol