Apple to Release the iPhone 6c in Mid-2016

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Apple to Release the iPhone 6c in Mid-2016

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There have been a lot of rumours lately surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 devices. While majority of the rumours suggest that Apple is working on two versions of the iPhone 7, other rumours also hint at a third device. However, this third device will not be part of the iPhone 7 series but will be a cheaper version of the iPhone 6. Like the iPhone 5c, Apple could come out with an iPhone 6c by mid-2016.

Kevin Wang from IHS has stated that Apple is working on a budget-oriented iPhone 6 handset. This handset will be a smaller version with a 4-inch display and will come with a plastic body similar to the 5c. This rumour also aligns with an earlier report from Ming-Chi Kuo, who has an excellent track record with predicting Apple’s product pipeline. Kuo predicted the 4-inch iPhone would launch in the first half of 2016.


The scaled down version of the iPhone 6 will indeed come with a few missing features. As the device was pegged as a cheaper iPhone 7 variant rather than a 6, what’s for certain is that the 6c will not come with 3D Touch. This makes sense as Apple will still look to push sales of its main flagship devices next year. As usual, these rumours must be taken with a grain of salt. The image above of the iPhone 6c is a concept design released a couple of months ago by 3DFuture.

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  • Siddharth Joshi

    Let’s see how cheap it is U0001f602

  • Kaustubh Gohokar

    it will be small
    it will be cheap
    but it definitely wont come cheap

  • Nelson D’souza

    I will buy a second hand car. Apple get lost

  • Yashwanth Sam

    cheaper! hahaha.. joke of the year…

  • Azhar Muhammad

    Ha-ha-ha joke. It would be like around 30,000

  • Ac Chuz

    Cheaper??… Heard the same thing some years back… Turns out that plastic can be expensive too

  • Mark Braxton

    Gonna get it when arrive

  • Ashutosh Tharwal

    Name would be “Apple Chu+”

  • Gowtham Gunashekar

    Cheaper is relative..
    For apple, cheaper, now, means less than the price of iPhone 6s :P
    So don’t have high hopes

  • Suman Kumar

    Apple’s cheaper phone is still costly , its just a simple way of telling hey if you can’t buy that one atleast try you still can’t have this.

  • Moiz Bhatti

    Cheap product #appleiphone
    At cheap #price

  • Vishal Kumar II

    This is always cheap product at high price

  • Dipanjan Ray

    At that cheaper price you can buy Samsung galaxy note 5 !

  • Manoj Kumar

    wats the cost lol…. roughly cheaply 50k ?

  • Abhrajyoti Dutta Ray

    Yeh cheap around 45k… Cheap for them not for us..

  • Subha Mondal

    Good to see Finaly apple realyzed i os for everyone… Carry on

  • Alok Kumar

    make apple sasta …..we will buy in kilos

  • Alok Kumar

    should be make in india

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Yeah very cheap like 2 to 3 lakhs phone …apple doing some comedy act to make other brands worry

  • Smit Bangare

    This could be iPhone 6c